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Recent posts by Hrishikesh Maluskar

When i try to run android application i get the following error -> error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)

I want to parse rss feeds and show it on the android device.

I have also given the following permissions ->

How should i get around the problem ?
7 years ago
Insurance is an asset because we get all the money we paid plus bonus and loyalty additions on maturity as well as death.

Insurance is a good solution to reduce your spending and start saving your money by paying monthly premiums.

Keeping all the money in banks does not offer death benefits to your loved ones but insurance does.

It also helps in tax exemption.

Visit this site for more details -> OR send mail to
8 years ago
ok that will also do , i have implemented "Locate Me" but i am unable to implement "Get Directions" of google maps in Javascript.
How to implement "Get Directions" feature of google maps in Javascript ?
Send me your CV's on , if you have more than 2 years experience.

iGATE has multiple openings for the following positions.

1) Software Engineer
2) Senior Software Engineer
3) Software Specialist
4) Senior Software Specialist
5) Technical Architect
6) Senior Technical Architect
7) Project Manager
8) Senior Project Manager
9 years ago
Can we call two different methods based on the same action in Struts2.

The methods will be called when two different buttons are clicked , for example login button and register button are on the same JSP page.

When we click on login button doLogin() method should be called and when we click on register button doRegister() method should be called.

9 years ago
I wanted a example for integrating Struts2 and Hibernate3 using Netbeans 6.1 IDE. Just one sample example for inserting data into MYSQL database will do.
9 years ago

10 years ago
How to convert doc files to pdf in Struts2.
10 years ago
i have posted this question in another forum. Please could someone help me by posting replies on the following link
10 years ago
X has ofered me 4.92 L for the post of Senior Software Engineer for JAVA. I want to know how safe it is to join X for the post offered and does X gives good enough salary hike, Work culture in X is good or not. I want suggestions on should I join X or not.
10 years ago
The value added to request is 'Not Specified' byt the following code displays only 'Not' in JSP , the other part 'Specified' gets skipped.

10 years ago
I have installed JForum ,but images are not getting displayed (smileys,pictures etc). Even its displaying the Emoticons as red cross.
I get DATASOURCE NOT FOUND error when i deploy JForum using NGASI.

I created the ear file using ANT and tried to upload the file.

Actually i have made an application in Struts2 . I want to provide forums in it using JForum , also i want to change the look and feel of it. Can this be done.
10 years ago