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Epifanio Guzman

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Recent posts by Epifanio Guzman

Rob is right.
usually the rancher do more specific questions, i mean, a specific error, or ask some direction...
we are here to help, rephrase your question to we can give you more specific answer. Maybe it is a book do you looking for? or a link...
:wink: i think this is already resolved.
But here's my answer. Maybe it could be helpful for someone.

Like Paul, i think it should be in a class.

1.- jsp
send param using text fiel, in FORM:
<input name=\"txtStrGeneric1\" type=\"text\" id=\"txtStrGeneric1\"></td> \n";

using param:
url ..... +"&StrGeneric1="+StrGeneric1;

2.- jsp
get param from text fiel.
try{StrGeneric1 = request.getParameter("txtStrGeneric1");}
catch(Exception e){}

get param from a param.
try{StrGeneric1 = request.getParameter("StrGeneric1");}
catch(Exception e){}

3.- in JSP
using StrGeneric1 whit value
AClass obj = new Aclass();
obj.setStrGeneric1 (StrGeneric1);

Listcc = obj.getListOfSelect(); //when ends 4.-

4.- the class AClass
db_Local <--- a SQL class

using code like:
java.sql.PreparedStatement pstmt= db_Local.Connection.prepareStatement ("select * from Table where StrGeneric1=?");
pstmt.setString (1,Value);

--->return a List for example.

5.- JSP
iterate the list.
show data to client browser.

:thumbup: This is only like reference, there are many frameworks to do the job.
7 years ago
hi my friend.

I explain to web application. The same way to simple java project.

1.- download Jdbc jar, EJ. mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar from verndor page. same way for MSSQL server, Oracle, etc

1.- create new project
2.- build path > configure buil path > Libraries... > Add external jar > mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar > open
this step attach lib to /WEB-INF/lib/
3.- create classes

i hope this information to serve you like base.
hey guys, let me understand
1.- ----> execute query
2.- 100...record<----db
3.- loop
each record get mail----> send mail
4.- close

It is correct?

In step 2.- is where it breaks.
or where?
My first suggestion: is consult db like when consult by page. retrieve first block, second block...etc
ja ja a HeyMark, you did it !!
all time, here, we looking for the way to solve our technical problems and frecuently we forget laugh a little. Ok "pros" know how do the job.
7 years ago
Ok, thanks kevin for your suggestion.
7 years ago

Dharmenrda kumar wrote:congrates Bro...
next week i have to also give the exam so will you please tell me what mock test you have given during preparation?
is there any Drag & Drop type question?

there are very useful mock exams, but i dont know if i can paste url here without consider them like spam. You acan learn about a topic, or objective and take the exam by chapter or full.
probably you dont need it already, but other people can find them useful.
send me an email and i reply with the url

best regards !!
7 years ago

Rohit Mehta wrote:As suggested above- 'Spring in Action' is really a good point to start with.

You can start with one module at a time - like DI, MVC, DAO, Restful Services etc. There are tutorials on net for each of them.
Happy learning.

you are right. And using Spring in Action book, i think a find a road. The book and your comments are really good

thanks guys!!
7 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

Wouter Oet wrote:And I copied that straight out of a Wikipedia page. So no guarantee that it is any good.

Did you mean to post something else here? This is all you have and not the wikipedia info.

sorry guys, i didn't get it
we are still about pools

Mark Spritzler wrote:I like a lot of professional sports athletes.
I think the majority of them should stay in jail....

I appreciate the effort to give information.
but I really do not understand your point...
the question is to know about certifications for development with Spring,

7 years ago

short called: OCEJEE6JSPSD ;-) with 84%.

congratulations champion !!
7 years ago
thks !!
I appreciate your recommendation(Spring in Action, 3rd Edition)
I'll start with this book.
7 years ago
spring source

1.- certified spring profesional

2.- certified spring web application developer

3.- certified spring enterprise integration specialist

I would like to know your opinions.
7 years ago
hi guys

I want to learn spring framework, but i don't know where to start

some speak of Groovy, AOP, OSGi
I'm confused

Best regards
7 years ago