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Recent posts by sandeep balyan

This means that all of 150 configured connection are in use .for resolving this
you can increase the maxconnection to a high number .But I think their is a problem in your java application and the problem is application is not dropping database connection i.e. connection are not closed in jsp/java files.
check for
13 years ago
which application server you are using if it is Oracle IAS then you can use webcache and can define rules for
13 years ago
SSO of Oracle AS is very powerfull and you can do lot of things using it like adding partner application
even you can use sso for your own developed applications.
It is linked very well with the portal.
13 years ago

You can use "dcmctl" command to deploy application.

go to dcm/bin and say dcmctl it will give you all options.
dcmctl deployapplication

13 years ago
Jdeveloper is best for 9iAS

sandeep balyan
15 years ago
in U r Jdeveloper
Go to
Connection (that is below u r work spaces)
then go to
Application Server
then right click on same
it will ask u for new connection ....
create one to u r server ...

U can even coonect to oracle database and browse through u r tables and data ....

best regards
sandeep balyan
15 years ago
First of all thanks for your reply ,

This is a file named as database column db.txt
Data file i.e in XML format is like data.xml
1234] ]Anil kumar] M]USA]

I want to load this file to database .AS we want to see report of all data .
or read it in HTML format .
I have one XML file which have lot of data and one DB column file .
How can i open this XML file in readable format that is .... user can view data saved in XML file
DB column file have data like
XML file have

Originally posted by demi reyes:
Hello! my name is demi reyes. i'm a beginner in jsp. and i would like to create a thread in forum type like this big saloon in jsp. can u please help me? or can someone direct in me where i can find a tutorial? thanks...

Search for "jive forums" in google u can get all what u want ..
17 years ago
Can u Tell me who is the U r s
best writer and Topic in this forum
of Javaranch(JR).

17 years ago
Hi can u tellm ewhere can i get links and some nice material about LDAP As we r gettign start for it practically
regds and thanks
17 years ago
Hi Congrats to u .
Hi want to ask u
1)I dont have any experience in UML but want to learn can u pls tell me how to start and get it possible for exam . any type of excercise
2)how much study and time is required for this exam after having experince in jsp,servlets and javabeans and EJB .more than two yrs
3)any pre requirment for test mean do u have to go through SCJP b4 this.
4)any tip u want to give as u did it so well.
Waiting for u r reply
take care
import java.sql.*,javax.sql.*
hope it help
njoy regds