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Recent posts by Rakesh Enoch

Can someone suggest me a best suited XML Parser for processing files of the following type? The length of the Xml file will not exceed more than 1000 lines. Also I want flexible API to traverse to the inner most node and pull values?
Thanks Kurtis for your valuable information

I have worked on Jasper Reports for quite a long time. I have recieved a suggestion to try out Pentaho. Will my knowledge on Jasper Reports be of any help when working on Pentaho or it's a completely different reporting tool on a different platform?

Hi Oshadha,
The default JRXML created iReport is of type Groovy. You can check this by examining the JRXML File.

Change the language attribute value to "java" and try. Hope it will work

Hi Nick,

JasperReports requires several images to format HTML report even if your report doesn't explicitly specify any images. So the images can be provided by using the net.sf.jasperreports.j2ee.servlets.ImageServlet . The ImageServlet is included in the JasperReports Jar. So you don't have create. The next step you gotto do is register this servlet in your Web.xml file as follows

Once registered, go to your servlet where you are trying to generate the HTML report and set the parameter as .
I assume you are setting other necessary JRHtmlExporter parameters too
Pay attention to the servlets/image URI, it must be the same as in web.xml.
That's it, this should solve your problem. Good luck!!

Hi Nick can you be a bit a clear. I had faced a similar problem, hope I can help you out
That's a good news to hear, Will. Does your book cover the aspect of Parameter screen generation. In the meantime time I'll wait for the reply to my other question. Thanks!!

I'm researching over Jasper Reports and I'm planning to research on Pentaho some time later. Being non-familiar with how Pentaho works, can someone tell me the add-ons that Pentaho provides and how Pentaho is better than Jasper Reports (If it is).

Another task which I'm trouble shooting now is that Jasper Reports doesn't provide a facility to generate Parameter Window (UI Screen) to capture parameters ($P{param}) from the user at runtime and generate the report based on user specifications. I have heard that SSRS (.Net platform) does this. Does Pentaho provide this facility to generate UI screen to enter parameters.

Note: The parameter screen (HTML page prompting user to enter some input) must be generated based on the content of the report template.

Hope I made myself clear. I'll be looking for a response.

Thanks Charles for your detailed explanation. I'll surely consider your book and give my reviews. Good luck!!!
Hi Charles,

I have been trying to attempt SCWCD but hardly find time from my work schedule. I'm looking for a book which is simple and full of examples and having mock tests. What makes this book different from others.
Is it possible to create UI to prompt user to enter parameters which can be later used to generate report. The UI generated should be dependent on the parameter declarations in thr .jrxml file.
Thanks guys. Probably I'll get a clear idea, after doing some coding and trying out some examples
10 years ago
How is seam-gen advantageous to it's spring counterpart. Does it have it's own drawbacks.
10 years ago
Can someone please explain Conversation scope, Process scope in with some illustration. How did these originate and how better these are compared to other standard scopes.
10 years ago
I haven't used Spring till now. But SEAM makes your task very simpler. Saves time, as it does integration by itself. You just need to focus on your Business logic and UI
11 years ago