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Recent posts by Aneesh Vijendran

You could use apache's mod_proxy for load balancing (though not sure of the MQ stuff)

12 years ago
Hi all,

From where can I buy the Oracle/Sun exam (310) vouchers in the UK?


Arjun Srivastava wrote:

Henry Wong wrote:
What's wrong with an extra interview? Is it going to take too much of your time?

yeah,why should i go for an extra test to get a job as oppose to others who are just giving only HR ,i am scared if get failed in that an extra technical interview.
if i don't mention the certification in my resume(for that specific campus interview),then i can satisfy them only with HR, but again where my certification comes in use.

If I were to interview you, just because of your lack of confidence I would rejected you (So would be a lot of others)

The first and basic thing you should posess (rather than any technical struff) is self confidence.
13 years ago

Arjun Srivastava wrote:hi folks,
Recently i have heard one disappointing information from one of my colleagues or you can a senior to me.
according to him,i should not show off my java certification or any other professional certification in my resume during the campus interview where there is only HR interview(technical not to be done here) otherwise if i wrote about certification they will hire an extra inerview for me (HR+technical).
what you guys think what a fresher should do in that case?

Arjun - you should be more confident after you've got those certifications.

13 years ago
Yes very much. Chances of Index files getting corrupted are not rare. I had this situation once when there were data in the index with some unknown/asci/Unicode characters.

Some 30k docs in the Document Manager when indexed, the index size was 7-8 GB.

Imagine if this gets corrupted ;)


Yes JavaRanch's forums use Lucene ;)

Well technically..JForum uses Lucene, and apparently JavaRanch uses Jforum

I first came to know about Lucene from JForum in 2003

You unnecessarily wrote so many lines of code. Your problem just takes 4 lines of code.

'txt1' is the id of the textbox

Hope this helps.

Yes you need to Commit after you update/delete terms/docs from the Index.

Though these are deleted it still are present in the Index (Marked for deletion), and doesn't come up in ranking/search etc.

Where did you find prepareCommit method in IndexReader class?? I can't find it in IndexReader documentation...'s IndexWriter
Hi Michael, Erik Hatcher, and Otis,

Whats the difference between IndexReader's prepareCommit & commit method?

Where should be each called or when?


[Edit: Fixed IndexWriter in subject - Ankit]

Can a Lucene index created by Lucene.NET be used by Lucene(Java) or vice versa?

Glad to know that. Happy Hacking!!
Well interesting!

1. How are you constructing the date object (before passing to Hibernate) ?
2. Can you please print the date before passing to hibernate and see if the time is 12:00 am there as well?

If (2) is true, then you know the answer.

Mate - Why don't you read my posts clearly?

I had clearly told to remove the comments from:

When I say comments: <-- --> is what I meant.

How do you expect this to work when you comment this category?

13 years ago