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Recent posts by Sumit Bisht

Hi Srinivas,
I am a Hybris developer and here are the points you might consider:
Most options are out of box - you just need to setup the storefront and other stuff like cockpits are auto-created (customization is a pain, though)
Easy to setup and modify the e-commerce solution - with minimal DTO, facade and spring mvc/config changes.

It is a closed source/proprietary technology - I've always missed the freedom of open sourced java frameworks here.
You can't get anything apart from their wiki and forums (and they keep on changing their forums a couple of years) on google or elsewhere.
Very restrictive if you are thinking of some customization (it is basically a spring based product instead of a framework that you can build any custom app upon).

I would not go into details for Hadoop (and its ecosystem) as it is already discussed to death in Internet.

The rest is for you to decide!
good luck.
8 years ago
I wrote a Blog post covering a small book review of the book 'Mockito Essentials' that covers unit test mocking library mockito as well as offers practical advice towards writing testable code and working with legacy code while writing unit tests. Hope you'd like it.
All the best for your presentation Bobby, just remind yourself - it is not the end of the world if you make some mistakes; as we all do.
10 years ago
Generally startups require a full-stack developer which means you know more than just wordpress/any other cms.
Also as Ulf mentioned, there are huge possibilities but even as a designer, you could be using specialized techniques like visualization and continuously evolving your product design/standards.
10 years ago
Maybe you could do some screen scraping for getting this data, but that would be wastage of your time.
You could use inflector library and save your time and efforts(
10 years ago
Some people will judge you by your clothes, english fluency or even your surname. Does that mean that you should fret over them? I don't think so. Even I am working alone (which I prefer) which is not anything to bother/hide from. Also, with excess people, there is a constant fight for who gets the pie(better growth opportunities) as is evident from other posts in this forum.
10 years ago
Could you verify whether you are using the oracle instant client (
It is required as it contains the dlls which are referenced by the ruby application.
10 years ago
As you probably know, basic for loop is similar to C++
for(loop variable beginning value; loop continue condition; change in the value per iteration)

You can therefore apply your problem into these places where the change will be 1. This will loop you through all the values- from starting till the end.
Inside the for loop, you can use continue statement to exit the current iteration of the loop and move over to next.
Hint: Try using the % operator to check if the variable is a multiple of a number or not

So, conceptually, your loop will be something like:
for(... ; ... ; ...)
if( condition to check if the variable is a multiple)
// perform rest of your work here
10 years ago
It also helps to get some amount of money in advance on a regular basis and deliver the project by breaking down the work into different parts accordingly.
If someone offers you only 2% of what they will make from your app, then either you should get ownership in that startup or decline to work under pay/obligation.
Good Luck!
10 years ago
As a dev, I try to provide a sample that covers a use-case. For example, to test a web based app stack, a POC might be to write a CRUD application that also uses some database relationships, session management, authentication. Note that nothing fancy/polished or related with a specific problem is covered in such a scenario.
10 years ago
Another thing that I find helpful in mailing lists is that a lot of them are archived and available over google.
It really helps if you are hunting some obscure problem/bug ;)
10 years ago
I belived 'Metric‎' is the word that properly addresses this type of data generally. As your proposal would be dealing with multiple variable data sources, Metrics will be an appropriate term.
Certificates are valuable, as that's why they are sought after. However, getting certified is less important than learning the certification contents.
I also planned to give scjp a few years back when I heard about it, but didn't. As I learnt the contents for the certification my knowledge in java was definitely improved. Since then, I also studied other certifications like scwcd, etc for the sole purpose of improving my skills.
I'd say that importance of certification is conditional and can vary between various employers/recruiters.
Well for the java, I've mostly fed its executable with such code that If it were human, it would've come after me with a shotgun.
10 years ago
Michael Noll has the most well maintained setup instructions.
Also, it is quite old but has frequently been updated. If you run into any problems, be sure to check the comments underneath the article there.
10 years ago