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Recent posts by Gabriel Ozeas

After 20 weeks they graded me... hehe

Thanks for all people in this forum that helped me, especially Roel and Roberto.

Later, i will post a resume of what i did.

The grade was 355, I need to confess that i did some mistakes in the project, nothing big. I used TDD, nevertheless i did some errors that were not covered in the tests.

Thanks again.

In my language (br) "Vou para o bar beber"
12 years ago
Dennis, I'm little happy knowing that it just not me. heeh

I will hibernate for 2 weeks to see if the result appears.

Good Bye
12 years ago
17 weeks, 4 months... And nothing. Every month i send a email for them asking, and they answer me to wait more 4 weeks. This time i sended the email and they answered me to wait without specify a time. I think this mean "Don't send more emails for us, and stay waiting, jerk".

I'm not happy.
Hi Arshad,

I resolved this problem, it seems that the application server was doing cache of the users login. So i disable that and works..

Thanks for the help,
12 years ago
Congratulations, Cathal...

15 weeks and waiting. Maybe more 3 as they said.
12 years ago
Hi Peter,

Thanks for your advice. I solved the problem, thanks for the help. Apparently as you told me the problem is that the JBoss was making cache from the login. So i changed the jboss-service.xml to not make cache from it.

And it works. But not for my case, because the login module execute the logout before the login everytime the user attempt to enter again in the other browser.

Solution for my case:

Create a filter that manages the users online that are keeping in a set in the application scope. Use a session listener to remove the user from the set.

Other problem:

The solution must be clustered, so the application scope is not distributed.


Maybe i need to access the JBoss Cache from the JBoss to keep the set.

How to do that: I dont know, some advice? ehhe

12 years ago
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the help.

I'm using jboss 5.1 with JDK 1.6 in a Ubuntu 10.10.

The role history is that i'm trying to make a unique login per user, denying that two users enter with the same account simutaneously in a portal (eXo Platform).

So for that I wrote a login module that do this job. And i'm testing with a configuration that includes 2 login modules. First the UsersRolesLoginModule and second my login module.

Ok it is working when the user enter for the first time. But when i try to login in another machine with the same account, the JBoss might think "Hey this guy is already loaded, what a hell, i won't will execute the login modules again." And all the 2 login modules don't display any log information like if they didnt be executed.

Thanks again
Bye bye

12 years ago
Hi, i have a problem about the login modules.

When i try to login with a user identity that is already login in another computer, the login modules are not executed. Why?
Is anything from the specification or jboss or i'm doing something wrong?

12 years ago
Hi folks,

I'm trying to limitate just one "session per user" simultaneously in a portal using login modules. I create a login module that persist the username in a data source.

I'm using the UsersRolesLoginModule and my login module in the configuration.


When i log in the user with one brower, OK, it work. But when i try to login in the second brower to test, the login modules ARE NOT EXECUTED, bu the user is authenticated . No logs (neither in trace) in the server (i'm using jboss).

Maybe i could not understand the life cycle from the JAAS.

Can someone help me?

12 years ago

I did the essay exam at June 28th, and didn't receive any answer from them. So i send an e-mail to them asking about how many time more i need to wait. And they answered me to wait more 4 weeks . I don't know how they organize their queues .

Never give up!


How much did you expect to receive the result?

Bye bye
12 years ago
Congratulations Chris, how much time did you expect to receive the result? It was between 4 - 6 weeks like they say? What about other guys that passed in the same time?
Nice work...

12 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:If you really would get rid of this line, I think you can simply delete this after generating the jar file

Good solution auhauh so simple....

Thanks everybody
Hello guys,

I'm almost finish my assignment and trying to package it. I'm using ANT to compile generate the stub and group the docs. But when i create runme.jar the MANIFEST.MF is created inside it. And it contains an line like this

I couldn't remove this line. The specification says that you cannot submit any code that is not your own work.
Anybody did this way? How do you package your application?

Another question: Can i put classes in suncertify package? Like the startup class.


EDITED: I put the post in wrong forum(Certification Result ), some moderator can erase that post?