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Recent posts by Vinay Nath

The prefix name you choose to use in the document should be equal to the targetnamespace of the schema which contains the element you are using.

for example, in your case, mh prefix is just for use in schema definition, but po prefix in document is actually linking to targetnamespace and not mh prefix. Its just that both prefix mh and targetnamespace are the same in this case.

so, you cannot use mh as it is defined for use only in the schema definition.
I stopped reading from RMH after WSDL and moved to "SOA using Java Web Services" book.

after finishing that, I moved back to RMH and read some more and revised XML,SOAP,WSDL chapters.

"SOA using Java Web Services" book has some good examples. Use Ivan's notes and complete examples If you are in a hurry to study for exam because they are very comprehensive.

I started with RMH and used it only for XML, WSDL & SOAP.

I completed the "SOA using Java web services" and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Read it slowly, if you try to read it quick, you will feel intimidated with the verbosity of the book.

After first 3 chapters, the book builds up on the stuff you already read and it becomes easier.

hope this helps...
I agree with Ivan, the best way is to use handlers and in there you can perform transformations on the message.

The handlers fit the web service architecture better then filters. What if you have to implement web service as a session bean in future, then you will have to implement the filter's logic in an interceptor.
But if you use handler, it pretty much will remain same.
hey Guys,

Thanks for the wishes !!!

Arun, the passing score written on the report was 42%. I used the material I mentioned in my original post.

All the Best !!!
Hi friends,

I passed SCDJWS 5.0 exam on Monday. My voucher was expiring on June 30 so I had to go for it.

The exam was tough not because of hard questions but because of lengthy questions with lengthy answers.

There were many scenario based kind of questions, so I highly recommend everybody to create some business examples where you could apply various Web Services technologies.

The questions & there answers are long and it takes time to read them and understand them, so make sure you pace yourself well, something I did not do that well.

I used this forum, Ivan's notes, SOA with Java Webservices book and RMH book for my preparation.

Thank you, Ivan, for your great notes and thanks to all the code-ranchers for helping each other.

I think I am done with Sun certifications for now.
But I will try to login now and then to answer questions of my fellow ranchers.

All the Best to all of you

BP 1.1 is compliant with WSDL 1.1 as WSDL 2.0 was being written at that time.

So study WSDL 1.1 Thoroughly. Read also about Component Model in WSDL 2.0 a little bit (as it is specified in objectives) and get some idea what it is about using Ivan's notes. I believe Ivan's notes are very comprehensive when it comes to WSDL 2.0 component model.
hey Raju,

Many Congrats !!!

Great Score !!!
14 years ago
Congrats Buddy !!!

what book did you use other then RMH?
Many Many Congrats buddy !!!