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Sid Murrey

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Recent posts by Sid Murrey

You sound much more confident than before, great!
I agree that a solid foundation of a programming language will help you in the future. Although, be aware of the fact that to actually program in the language of choice will teach you much much more than any book can.
Why don't you just take the bloody exam now? :-) I would not invest anymore time in training, move on!!
Marcus, it ranged from 30% to 60%.
Like the others I would suggest you reserve an afternoon to simulate the real exam. Turn off any phones, applications and tell everyone that you are not to be disturbed. Place a bottle of water next to your computer and take the mock exam as you would do in the real exam. Pause only for the toilet.

Then you know what you can expect in the real exam and won't be as frightened.
The most important part is, don't be discouraged if your mock exam score is lower than you are expecting. One does mock exams for _learning_ the stuff.

I would set a date for the exam just the minute you are reading this post.

Anyhow, like Bert pointed out, the real score does not really count. Since you prepared so well, your colleagues will know that you know the stuff very very very well. If they are still making "fun" of you somehow, then I consider this a very destructive work atmosphere.
Hey, I have studied for 1.5 months and have never reached such high scores in the mock exams as you did! I was also a bit worried about the real exam, but after having read that the real exam is a bit easier than the mocks I was confident again. I passed SCJP 1.6 with 76 % last tuesday.

So, you have prepared very very very well and I would take the test right away if I were you. Be sure to really follow K&B's suggestions on how to answer the questions in the exam (described in the Study Guide before chapter 1).

Just do it!
I wanted to be in the 80-90% spectrum, but had troubles with the concurrency questions as always.. But I passed, yay!

Thanks to K&B for their awesome book, for their mock exams, Matt Russel for the Java.Inquisition tool and John Meyers for his mock questions.
13 years ago
Next time preserve the indentation by using the UBB CODE tags:

[ July 30, 2008: Message edited by: Sid Murrey ]
Well, it turns out that the Java postfix operator behaves in a weird way.
Check out
This was the fifth result in a google search for "postfix increment operator" by the way ;-)

[ July 30, 2008: Message edited by: Sid Murrey ]

Originally posted by Saurabh Vyas:
Sorry Sid, The error is related to Casting rather than assignment to final variable.

Moreover I am not changing the content of a final variable in any of the above program

[ July 24, 2008: Message edited by: Saurabh Vyas ]

Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I was not looking very carefully!
Just a wild guess.. The JVM takes all the .class files it finds in the directories specified by the classpath and stores them using the package and class name in a list. When you specify the class to execute, the JVM does not associate that class name with a specific file, but with the real class stored in memory?

Just thinking here.. No facts! Just what I would handle it as a JVM programmer ;-)
13 years ago
If you declare a variable final, a change of its content is prohibited by the compiler.
Impossible. You would have to do this client-side, passing the last modified date to the server additionally.
13 years ago
If you call

it works. Maybe this helps finding the problem?
It's exactly the same situation in Switzerland as apparently in Australia. Lots of people on scooter wearing very light clothing.. Horrible!

Personally, I ride with full trousers, jackets, boots, gloves, helmet..
13 years ago

When run, the following output is produced:

Local variables in static and non-static methods are of course only initialized when the method is called.
The order of execution of static blocks and static variable initialization is depending on the code, as far as I know!
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