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Hey, Thanks a lot. Actually I read about this ACC and to avoide that problem I created Servlet and but by mistakenly from servlet i am calling again this stand alone java program. Now after seeing your replying I recalled the mistake i did and now I could see output . Thank you very much.
The following hello world program is not running and it is giving Null Pointer exception. I understand that EJB is not initialized but did not get, why it is not initialized.
I am using Netbean's and Glassfish server.Please help me.


Bean Class

Client -test


before pringing my name.......
in test funnnnnnnnnnnnn
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at Myprint.testfun(
at Myprint.main(


Other tip, merge don't update database, the only function for merge is to bring de entity object to persistent context.


you are partially right in this context. See the following extract from the book EJB3 in action.

EntityManager.merge updates the database with the data held in the entity,

Congratulations.. and All the best.. Many more happy occassions like this .. may come in your life.
12 years ago
No Doubt boss, Go ahead and get the Manning's Ejb 3 in action book. Sure it's worth of your money and time
Hi Vishal,
I hope you are talking about SCBCD5.0 exam only. If this is the case them I am sure Head First Book is not enough since it is based on Ejb2.0 where as this certificaiton exam is basedon ejb3.0. I am also preparing for this exam. I am using Manning book and i find it pretty good. I have seen few threads in this forum and lots of people who cleared this exam are also saying the same.
all the best..
raja.. i would say.. without any dobut in mind.. go ahead and give the exam. you should pass the exam with flying colours. however i am assuming that two times you read the book properly not jst flipped around.. he he..

All the best dudue.

have you taken coffe cram exam.. i feel its a must.. you should have seen it.. but do not take the score .. its like a mock exam.. tats it..

Lao... no clue about video.. but the following link has a nice collection of example codes.. example
Fernando.. would you please confirm.. is this the code they have given..

i gues.. they have given.. like this..

because in this case as you might know the bean will be looking for page scope only....
ohh ysss atul.. your right.. actually thats what is in my mind also.. but the way i conveyed is wrong..
madhav.. have a look at this..

May be you came accross that Request dispatcher can be created by either ServletRequest or ServletContext.
This what makes difference to the path because, you can use the '/' notation in servletrequest but not with servletcontext..

Hope you got it..
Ghufran .. check out this link.. it has lots of example snippets.


scwcd Matcus Green Online Book

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