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Recent posts by Vidya Ramakrishnan

thanks for your replies...

Got it solved like this...
Iset the classpath up to the root folder C:/vidya/java
then compiled it as follows:

javac cert/
javac cert/

then run the file as: java cert.Child

I was unaware of setting the classpath...
my current directory is C:\vidya\java\cert
and i have the class files in the above directory itself.
I set the classpath also.
my file compiles fine and i have the Parent.class file.
But after this i tried to compile,i am getting the same error as before like:

C:\vidya\java\cert>javac cannot find symbol
symbol: class Parent
class Child extends Parent

is there any other methodd to compile the file?
I am testing a code for checking default member access.
the two files are as follows

"the default members are visible to subclasses only if those subclasses are on the same package as the superclass"

Here i have put the super and the sub classes in the same package
But gives me a compilation error as follows: cannot find symbol
symbol: class Parent
class Child extends Parent
^ cannot find symbol
symbol : variable x
location: class cert.Child
System.out.println("x is"+x);
2 errors

what might be the minor problem in this???
I have a page where there is a button called 'Add video' .Clicking this button opens another window to upload the video . After upload button is pushed this new window displays 'the file has been uploaded' with a 'Continue button' .The onclick event of Continue button closes the window .But at the same time I want the window where I have the 'Add video' button to be reloaded.

I tried this with 'document.parent.reload()' on the onclick event of 'continue' button. but the reqired window is not reloaded..
Is there something that went wrong in this.

Please help me.
sorry,but this was not the complete solution for my problem..
I need some help..

I could reload the page using document.parent.reload()

I wanted to close the window after reloading the parent .So I called the function window.close() after document.parent.reload().but this makes the parent page to reload and appear in the second window,i.e the page where I clicked the button and the window doenst close.

please help me to solve this...
It was simple.I solved it
Can I reload a page by the onclick event of a button on another page???

How can I write the code in javascript??
the cache-control mechanism doesnt work for me. I tried using session variables in php --session_register and session_destroy;
But still I am not able to go ahead.
Anyone please help me with steps in using session variables.

I am new to php. So it is a bit difficult for me.Please help

I am working in javascript on the client side and php on the server side

can anyone please help me with javascript for the above mentioned problem???

thank you vaibhav...
hi friends,
can anyone please let me know how jdk 1.5 and scjp 1.5 are related?
Is it that the certification exam is conducted for diffrent versions of
thank you friends for the kind information......

But, Is K&B simple to understand?
How depth does it go with the concepts and examples?
hi friends,
How is Khalid Mughals' book for scjp 5.0 preparation?
Is it necessary that I should practice programming with the examples in the book?
hi friends
I want to prepare for scjp 5.0. Please help me to find some study material in net.Is it availiable on net? if so please suggest me some links.