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Recent posts by riddhi bhatt

I am using the following javascript code to fetch the value of the radio button:-

I want to capture the value of OrpAccessString in Action. How to do it?
How to implement security in openSSL Using Java? Any pointers will be helpful.

8 years ago

jatan bhavsar wrote:Hi Riddhi,

Try to put it into the web-inf folder.

Did it for the resource file but of no avail.... .
9 years ago
I have declared in struts-config.xml, the following declaration:-

<message-resources parameter="resource.MessageResource" />

The location of the file is in JavaResource/resource

the jsp file trying to access it is in WebContent folder.

A brief code snippet is as follows:-

Any help is appreciated. I am new to struts.
9 years ago
The directory structure of my application is as follows:-
My App
++++++ src

I am trying to read the file as follows:-

public Static final string FilePath=""

Here the code to read the file. I tried using the following two techniques but to no use...

File accountPropertiesFile = new File(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()
+ FilePath);



But none yeild any sucess while reading through the Bean class. please help...
10 years ago
Edited with code tag... any help on this please.
I am trying to create the breadcrumb in JavaScript, using the following code:-

The structure of my Project is as follows:-

Webroot---> pages ---> *.jsp.

I want the breadcrumb to appear as

navigation path + name of the page

The URL will be in the form:-


Please suggest corresponding changes.
Hi Charles,
Welcome. Congratulation on the new book on SCWCD. I would like to know from you with so many books around for SCWCD some of them being best sellers what is the additional things that you have covered in the book that make your book special?

I am trying to catch ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception and similar kind of exception using the expression <c:catch var="myException>. But unfortunately, it does not seems to work and the normal error message as the one handled by the JVM is shown that way. Please help in this matter.
13 years ago
Well, sun website pasted a gloomy picture for me dear... no answers lol. I am trying to know if the book by manning.. by deshmuk will be of any help.
what is the simililarity or difference between SCE 310-081 and CX 310-083?
Also, I want to know the difference between CX 310-081 and CX 310-083.
Hi Folks,
I have to develop an application in java AWT/Swings, which will run on Windows XP and MAC OS (9+ and X).
One of the requirements is that I have to show some pop-ups from system tray on certain events from server(using web services).
Here condition is that if there is any application is running in full screen mode (for example : Movie, photo album, PPT or any other software), then I have to disable the display of the pop-up from system tray. By default the java system tray popups are always shown on top of any opened application, even over the applications which are running in fullscreen. Now I am not able to figure out that how can we check through java programming, if any non java (native) applciation is opened/running in full screen mode, so that I can disable my pop-ups.
I have searched hell lot of forums but no luck yet.
Last option which is available is that create a native language(c, c++) application and check for the full screen and then tell it to java applciation through JNI. But I do not want to go for that unless I find out there is no option available in Java.

Please help.Also though I know that Mac OS 9 is very old, I still need to develop application in it.

13 years ago