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Recent posts by Poonam Akash

I am in a biig trouble.....
I will be giving the exam on 14th May..but the prob is that today when i give the ice exam i got 66% plz tell me what should i do??i cant extend the date of my exam too.
plz help soon.
Hey from where did u prepare for static and dynamic modelings??u got very good marks and i am quite weak in these sections.....plz help me.
I guess this kind of relationship is an example of Aggregation(a type of dependency).
Sequence diagram and Collaboration are both Interaction Diagrams that main difference b/t the two is that Sequence diagram shows Interaction of objects w.r.t. time while collaboration diag. does not.Also with collaboration diag it is more easy to depict that with how many objects does an object interact.
State diagram shows the states of an object within many use cases while activity diag shows states of many objects in many use cases...
Pls correct me if i am wrong.
Hi Friends!!
I would also like to add some insights of mine on this topic...
Modeling Language as i know is a "language (collection) of notations".Process is "the steps that would be followed to achieve any task" while Method as i know is the "implementation of an operation(the prototype of method)".
Pls correct me if i am wrong.
Hi Bruce,
Congratulations on ur success.
I had some queries will u plz reply them??
Q1.From where did u prepare for design patterns?
Q2.Have u got any work experience using object oriented languages?
Q3.Any other book (other then the two u mentioned)u follow?
Q4.How long did u prepare for the exam?
Thanx in advance for ur help...
Thanx Mark,Madhav,Ram Dhan,Axel,faiza,Vamsidhar and Ashik for your wishes.

So which mock do you think is most like the actual test?
Did they give you trick questions?

Mark of all the mocks i find Jwebplus quite helpful in the real exam.Also Whiz product is a nice resource for wcd.
And to your second qs.I think the real exam is a bit tricky in the areas where they ask abt design patterns(i did lot for it but got 50% only )
and custom tags(do as much as u can for this topic.).

did u get any filter questions???

Noopss! Faiza i think you are going too deep for the prep.I must advise u to just follow the objectives and u will done it!I don't even remember if i read Filter's topic for exam.Dont u worry.

Can you please let us know the breakup of questions on various topics if it is not
againest SUN's policies.

Vamsidhar I am really sorry for this as i didn't remember it exactly.As far as SUN's policy is concerned i think this is not illegal at all...Satya i need ur confirmation in this.
Ashik my next target is UML as i love too do analysis and wish to be a System analyst in future.
Thanx once again.
All other queries regarding exam are welcomed here!
[ February 08, 2002: Message edited by: Poonam Akash ]
Hi Friends,
At last I have done my SCWCD exam with 84%.
Thanx to all dear Ranchers for your help and great discussions!I used Miftah's Notes,Ken's Notes,Jwebplus,SCWCD@Whiz,javaranch's mock,Anands mock and the two famous books.
The paper was quite easier as compared to scjp but still i stayed at the point where i was in scjp... :roll: yep i got 84 in scjp too.
Thanx to all.
These qs. are from JwebPlus..
Note:I forget the Qs.Id of 1st qs...Sorry!
Q1.In which of the following cases will the method doAfterBody() of a tag handler be invoked?
1.This method will be called only when doEndtag() returns Tag.EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE or BodyTag.EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED.
2.This method will be called only when doStarttag() returns Tag.EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE or BodyTag.EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED.
3.This method will be called when doAfterBody() returns Tag.EVAL_BODY_AGAIN.
The correct was option 3.Why not onption 2?
Question ID :999998515240
You are designing a complex webapp that uses multi tier architecture. The application must provide interfaces for HTML as well as XML and should be maintainable.Which design pattern would you use?
2.Business Delegate
4.Value Objects
The correct option was 2,but again i think 1!
Any clue?
Congratulations Ashik!!!
I was quite sure abt ur success man.
Well whats ur next target??
Bye n Enjoy ur success!
But the correct answers are:
A/c to "WCD for J2EE Platform Study Notes for the Beta Exam" which i downloaded from net. :roll:
Plz correct me if i am missing something
Can anyone explain following lines with any good example.
Page directive "errorPage" defines a URL to a resource whixh will catch the exception.Here
If the URL names another JSP page then, when invoked that JSP page's exception implicit script variable shall contain a reference to the originating uncaught Throwable."
Thanx in advance for any help.
What will be the correct choice ?
<%int x=0;%>
<% x = x + 1999; %>
Set it to: <%= x %>
What should be the initial value of x to allow
compilation to succeed, and allow the output of
"Set it to: 2000"?
Ans:A <% int x = 1 %>
B <%@ int x = 1 %>
C <%! int x = 1 %>
D None of the above
I think the correct choice should be 'C'.
What do u think?