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Concerning Your configuration:
  • Your application uses data source that called jdbc/sabit - follows from web.xml
  • Your web container has only jdbc/postgres data source - follows from context.xml
  • Your application for persistence uses java:/comp/env/jdbc/sabit data source - follows from persistence.xml

  • Conclusion:
  • Change context.xml so that name would meet the name from web.xml

  • Note: I'm not really sure but in Tomcat container You could define persistence data source without java:/comp/env/.
    Also be sure that your connection drivers are loaded with web container (driver jars are in lib directory).

    Strange: You in persistence.xml define Your connection as org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect but in context.xml using org.postgresql.Driver. Check once again Your configuration.

    8 years ago

    counter = 26

    Got results after 12 weeks.

    Passed with 137


    Part 2 - 2011.08.24 (Gemstone)
    Part 3 - 2011.08.27

    Hi Kaps,

    Yes I had made changes is provided domain model. I cant tell You the decision why these changes were done - it's the part of my submitted assignment. Concerning results - there is still no any changes (TAKEN).

    If you uploading your assignment to the Pearson VUE I suppose it technically unable - you won't be able to schedule Part 3 before Pearson VUE accept your part 2. In my case it took 1 day.


    Thanks for the great news - I today took Part 3.
    As said Krzysztof after a day I was able to register for the part 3.

    Po summarize: after uploading Part 2 to the Person VUE you must wait for 1 day to be able to shcelude Part 3.
    Krzysztof thank for clarifying. Will be waiting tomorrow...
    Hi Janez Novak,

    It's taken in certification center - like Part 1.
    I also suppose that there are some sort of synchronization...

    2 hours already passed.

    Situation is still the same. Maybe its due to friday
    Hi all,

    Today I have successfully uploaded my assignment to per Person VUE (bought it from them). So I supposed there will be no any trouble in assigning to the final part. But unfortunately I faced one - when trying to confirm Part 3 I'm getting following error:

    "Oracle Certification Program policy requires that a 1Z0-865 or 1Z0-848 exam be graded before registration for exam 1Z0-866 is allowed"

    Is it some problems with Oracle or Person VUE? According the Exam history in Person VUE it's clear that I have taken the Part 2 but the exam report is empty - as I understand Part 2 and Part 3 are evaluated together. So the report should be empty.

    Am I missing something
    Hi Sreenivas P Kumar,

    1z0-846 - is SCEA5 part 2 (assignment)
    1Z0-846-JPN - the same but only in japan

    So if You are not from Japan - your choice would be 1z0-846.
    9 years ago
    Hi all,

    Can someone confirm/decline that following relationship in domain model is incorrect (exact relationships are in my assignment)?

    I think I should change relationships to correct one (according my assumptions and business model) but everywhere is written that it's strongly not recommended to change domain model.

    Changes could be (I suppose that relationship between A and B is correct):
  • Relationships between A and C from many-to-one to one-to-many
  • Relationships between B and C from many-to-many to many-to-one

  • And one more question does one-to-many is just the case on many-to-many (in such case I'll be totally confused)?
    san kumar parihar:

    As I understood it Goods. There can be several types of goods but all they extending base class Goods. So between Order and Goods I introduces OdrerEntry which contains specific Good prams like quantity, color etc.

    I have a Gemstone International. Generally I think such model could confuse - if there is many-to-many its better not to display such relationship (it won't confuse any one).
    Hi all,

    Currently I hav an assignment with strange relations among object (see attachment as example) - many-to-many. Can I in class diagramm introduce additional classes between 2 objects to chane relationshit to one-to-many and many-to-one?