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Recent posts by Peeyush Maharshi

Thanks for your reply.
but from where i can get this instructor-led training and what would be duration?
Hello All,
I wana to enroll for SCEA/OCMJEA but I am not able to find some required information.
I went through links available on forum but it seems those are not updated one.
Following are my Qs
1) What are prerequisite for this certification? Don’t require any certification but do I need to buy any course materials?
2) How can I enroll?
3) Generally how long it to take to complete all required steps?
Please reply it.
Thanks in advance.
How to display or use extended ASCII characters (ASCII more than 12 7 )in java.

In my server program, expecting request from client which can have extended ASCII characters.
Now I have to process these request and also need to log, which can be printable and display format.

I tried to change the default character coding but not get success. Any suggestion?
10 years ago