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Recent posts by adil qureshi

ChandanK Pandey wrote:Hello, Based on some of the feedback in this forum I used start UML. I have completed the class diagram, when I moved on to build sequence diagram I donot see any option. I am using version 5.0,, downloaded from source forge.

Any clue, have I missed any thing during installation? Do I need to activate it separately?

Thanks In Advance for the help
Chandan Pandey

Right click on model explorer to resolve your will be able to see the options.
Thanks for reply ,

You are right this is a jar issue and the class is present in wss4j jar , i know the resolution to this but what's pondering me is that this error comes only once and after that i can continue normally and perform the same functionality over and over again.

Also if i put this jar in deploy/lib this error goes , but it wont be a good practice since i already have the jar in my ear .

12 years ago
ERROR [STDERR] (WorkManager(2)-3) java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: from BaseClassLoader@16b5518{VFSClassLoaderPolicy@19fdafc{name=vfsfile:/C:/tools/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deployers/jbossws.deployer/ domain=ClassLoaderDomain@d75c47{name=DefaultDomain parentPolicy=BEFORE parent=org.jboss.bootstrap.NoAnnotationURLClassLoader@5d173} roots=[MemoryContextHandler@31580014[path= context=vfsmemory://4sh2q1h-rp2ti2-gt2phu2x-1-gt2phzqx-e real=vfsmemory://4sh2q1h-rp2ti2-gt2phu2x-1-gt2phzqx-e], FileHandler@1292795[path=jbossws.deployer context=file:/C:/tools/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deployers/ real=file:/C:/tools/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/deployers/jbossws.deployer/]
I have a functionality which gets triggered when i click on submit for the first time when JBoss session starts I get the above exception.

Can anybody help me in this.
12 years ago
I was going through a number of blogs and found that abstraction layers in spring are a collection of many anti patterns, but i am not able to get a clear insight.I was thinking that these all are some kind of decorators but it does not seems so .If any body can put some more light on this
12 years ago

I am new to JCA i want to clarify that when an inbound resource adapter is used then is it a Synchronous message sending only If not then how to make it asynchronous .
Especially in the case when we are using our own message listener types then how to make it listen to a destination where messages are posted by JCA (after endpoint activation is done ) .
Any comments even guesses will be of help .
actually .... the implementation classes might not be present so you need to have the jar files in the classpath.
13 years ago
I think jar file for driver is not in the lib folder of glassfish . Just do that and restart see if it works.
13 years ago
Hi to all , I am new to JCA ,I am having a scenario that one my JCA RA Component is sending messages which will be posted to a JMS Queue .
I am not clear that how the messages will be sent from JCA component to queue . Will this be outbound RA or inbound RA . I have my MDB that will be listening to same Queue and on receiving the message will perform the business logic.
hey i have come to know that amdahls law can help us here , do you have any suggestion ?
I want to know is there any way ,any formula by which i can calculate the maximum number threads i can create without affecting performance.Considering all are doing similar work .
hi justin i will like to suggest a change since your issue got resolved that since you are passing the values in URL they can be changed any time externally ,i better feel that you must post the values instead of sending them in URL.
14 years ago

Justin Howard wrote:Hi All,

I have a url "summary.jsp?day=17&month=05&year=2010".
When I use this in summary.jsp it returns null for date, month and year.

I am able to get user without any problem.

I tried using request.getAttribute(). Still no results.

Please help !


see first of all typecasting to string is not required at all in date , month and year since getParameter already returns string.
Secondly getAttribute wont work since you are not setting it any where .
Now can you tell the exact scenario , how you are hitting the URL are you using some servlet in between or directly hitting the URL .
14 years ago

lekurwale amol wrote:Any updates please.

yes surely you can do that but not by disabling or changing anything at browser level ,i have faced a similar kind of problem ,for this issue you have to use certain kind of tokens to uniquely identify each and every request ,and if the same form is resubmitted you can log him out ,but yes this approach comes with a hit that you have to handle it at server level and if he resends then you have to stop him from any processing.
14 years ago
Dear Ranchers I want to get certified in Agile Methodology.I searched on internet but couldn't get any positive links.
Please help me with this that what all options are available and where to avail them ?
Thanks in advance.

Billy Vandory wrote:issue: if i rename my remote interface to something other than ending in Remote, JNDI will not find the bean

If the interface ends in Remote, it works. I've tried this with several beans with the same result each time.

TestBean implements TestBeanCar (doesnt work)
TestBean implements TestBeanRemote (works)
OtherBean implements OtherBeanRote (doesnt work)
OtherBean implements OtherBeanRemote (works)

I am annotating the interface with the @Remote annotation and annotating the bean with the @Stateless annotation - using OpenEJB

I found this peculiar.

Thanks folks,


Billy it will be nice if you can paste some example code here and what error you are getting because i dont think that this really happens.