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amer seif el dine

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Recent posts by amer seif el dine

For java1.4.0 310-035 programmer exam, is java.awt.* package required???
If no, then why in they gave samples include frame questions??
Thanks. Please i am worried! should i learn about anything related to awt package?
Hello All,
I have an idea about developping applets for my university project where you can drag and drop components (images, swing components,...) on the screen in order to send and update records in the database. Users have not to wait a lot in order to load the applet.
In this case, what is the best java technologie that i have to use?
Is it applets?
Also, do you have an idea where can i find code samples for a project similar to scheduling dates and resources for an entreprise (like microsoft project) ??
[ October 17, 2003: Message edited by: amer seif el dine ]
18 years ago
Hello Programers
Please lead me to the tools or packages in Java which can be used to create an internet mobile application .If there is
such tools is there another in C++.and which is the best in ur opinion.
Pleaasseeeee Help ur friend Amer
Thanksss a lot .
20 years ago
Dear Sir,
I wanna to communicate with the Modem using JAVA.
my Object is to Send and receive Files Through the phone Line by dialing the number.
Please can u help me by giving Examples,Tutorial or any help in this Subject?
20 years ago
how can i subcribe to get a certificate ?
wt r the steps followed?
hi Cindy,
I think it is the set classpath in winnt.
how to set the classpath.
i can compile the application, run it from JBuilder but i can't run it from JRE.
javac works but not java command.
i think this is classpath how to set it?
thank you.
20 years ago
where is the security if anyone can change the password without the old password???
i think that you have to erase the keystore from your
C:\windows\.keystore if win98 win95
C:\winnt\profiles\uName\.keystore winNt..
or any other platform i dont know...
and recreate a new keystore!
good luck.
Amer Seif El Dine
[This message has been edited by amer seif el dine (edited August 16, 2001).]
20 years ago
i am not sure but try it!
there is a dos editor.
i repeat try it coz i don't know if it works
but this is a simple idea to try !
good luck
plz inform me if it works.
20 years ago
Well thanks Cindy for your comment,
i will answer to why i am asking about this!
well, First in the company i am working they have windows NT and the java application didn't work with JRE while it works on any other OS.
I don't know wt was the mysterious problem?!!
but wt is more strange it works on JBuilder 4.0 as well with the same OS and same PC!!!
Second using JBuilder, the time to save a file on a shared directory on the network is less 20 or 30 times using JRE on another OS (EX windows 2000).
what was the probelm in your opinion?
thank you again Cindy for your help.
20 years ago
i want to make my java code a self excecutable file without
installimg the jdk or jre on the UserWorkstation.
there are compilers like jet to do this work but need
a license!
is there any way to do this work ?
i asked many and many programmers they didn't give me the
thank you,
Amer Seif El Dine.
20 years ago
Yes i need a self executable application with no jdk or jre
and the goal is just to learn how to do it.
maybe there are no advantages but it will be independant bu itself.
Cindy says that we have to make .bat file and a class to invoke it in the class.
any advice???
how can i make an application (compiled with jdk1.3) self-executable without any need of jdk1.3 anymore???

is there anyway to do it?
if yes tell me how in details.please help and reply.
thxx a lot
Thanks Thomas For your help.
I decided to save the files as html and then access them
from java.
i think it's too easier and flexible.

now i am asking you about a tutorial to access html files
and inserting applet (a picture for example that takes a result
from a java program and then if it is true it makes an applet
enabled else disabled)
Thanks a lot Thomas.
20 years ago
Hi Programmer,
I'm a beginner ans i'm asking how to know that two files have exactly the same content for security reasons and how to compare
N.B: the two files don't have necessarly the same name or directory.
Thanks a lot .
20 years ago