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Recent posts by Amruth Puppala

Hi Praveen,

I'm also very new to Hadoop but let me try answering you.

Hadoop should be used for unstructured data formats or semistructured formats for utilizing its features.
But I don't know why you are trying to get the data from database, instead you can try to read from file or any source.

Your assumption is correct in uderstanding your programe , it it calling 34 times.

As per the hadoop framework Map function will be for each data record.
But inside the Map you are trying to get the data from database always , infact map function should get the data from framework only.
Usually it will get from Text value parameter. by using value we usually perform our operation.

So I guess you might configured correctly, don't use connecting DB, getting results from resultset.

each records from the result set might get in value , try to use that value to your output.

I hope you understood.

11 years ago
Thanks for reading my message.
I read in net for IE data URI related restrictions are there, but some way could be there to acheive this functioanlity.

Can some one help me on giving some light on this.
Hi All,

I have one javascript variable in JavaScript which has some data in it. I want to give that data to the user in download diaglog box. but I am facing lot of issues with it.
It is like generating file data withing javscript and giving the download file facility to the user.

my code is

This code is giving dialog in FirFox but not IE.
I want this code to be worked in IE 7, IE 8, IE 9.

Can some one please help me.

Even if some other code is there that makes javascript variable data as download dailog it would be really great.

Thanks in Advance to all.
Thanks so much John, you have given very good info.

I have contacted Admin but he says my client may have problem.
My client info:
Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
Version: Indigo Release
Build id: 20110615-0604

We are using correct options only for the connection string.

I do not understand why this exception comes some times and some times wokrs fine.

any help really appricated.

Thanks for the reply.

In fact I am using tomcat Data Source to connect to DB.
I am using class to get the connection from Data source.

I have added the Database entires in context.xml in tomcat as follows

my java Connection logic is

Please help me, I am facing this issue from 2 to 3 months.

Yes I have contacted network admin but he said there will be some issue in client which I am using.
But I am using eclipse Indiigo. I don't know what is the issue with it
It would be really helpful to me if someone gives light on this.
Please help me.
Hi all,
I am getting the starge exception while connecting to DB using eclipse indigo.

I tried to connect to DB I am getting . If I keep on trying after few time it connects.
I am connecting the same DB with other clients like ToAD, SQL Plus etc are working fine.

Details are :
Database : Oracle 10g RACK installation on Linux 2.4 machine
Client : elipse indigo (some JDBCE program) on windows XP

Usual reasones for this exception are
A. TNS Lister instance is down in the DB server
B. privileges are not granted for your credentials
C. given port is not visible/available
but none of the above are the reasons as some times conectivity is working fine and some times getting the exception

It looks strange behavior for me.
1. From few machines it works fine always
2. From few machines some times I get exception and somtimes it works fine

I dont know what to check.

Thanks in advance,
Appreciate the help.
Thanks Carlo Moore for the response.
As per my knowledge I guess Locale will be used for displaying different locale dispays like Chines language, Thai language etc.

Thanks Matthew Brown for the reponse. Yes becoz of the leap year it is getting error.
Infact Chinse Year+1911 is equal to Our standard date.
so 01010229 is equal to 2012 Feb 29. But Whatever I validated is considered as 0101 year means 101 year which is not a Leap year.

My question is how do we handle Chinese dates in Java , as per me now I am adding 1911 year to Chines year and continuing from there.

Any help appreciated.
12 years ago

I am getting the Chinese Calender date I and reading that String and parsing using java code.

01010229 is a valid Chinse date but I am getting parsing Exception here.

May be I am doing something wrong here.

Can some one help me in reading Chinese Calender dates in Java or Gregarian Calender format.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
I am using Jquery JqGrid with Sturts 2, I have used showcase example.

I want to use error page when some error occures at server side.
So currently we are using annotations to specify the actions.

But nothing is coming in page even if error comes same page opening as success.

Can some one guide me clearly how to add the error page where to modify and how to add correct annotations for these errors.

Thanks in advance
12 years ago
I'm having a problem after building a proyect, although I don't get any
error in the java source code, after builing the proyect it doesn't generate
the class files, usually when that happen to me, I see the error in the
Error Log view or Problems so there is a library not linked or any other
problem, however I don't see anything wrong now, I've clean the proyect
several times, I'm looking to the right output folder, everything looks fine
but the class are still not generated.
I am using eclipse 3.6

Any work around for this?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Robin,

Is this book can teach novice programmer all the things about Android and starts developing applications?
Infact I am java developer I don't know basics about Android so will it be suitable for the new people who are not having any basic knowldge on Abdriod?
12 years ago

How do you compare the this book is better than the existing available books in the market.
In fact we have lot of books on all technologies which you covered in your book.
What is the specialty of your book?


12 years ago