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Recent posts by karimkhan pathan

Thanks for the quick reply ..

No I'm not create with a test project ..I'm following the steps given in the android site ...

when eclipse builds the project the following is displaying ..

Errors running builder 'Android Package Builder' on project 'HelloAndroid'.
10 years ago
HI ..guys I'm not able to run the android example from android tutorials .

Here I'm attaching the error stack trace ..Please help me ..to resolve this ..

[2011-03-18 07:06:43 - test] ------------------------------
[2011-03-18 07:06:43 - test] Android Launch!
[2011-03-18 07:06:43 - test] adb is running normally.
[2011-03-18 07:06:43 - test] Could not find test.apk!
[2011-03-18 07:06:55 - test] ------------------------------
[2011-03-18 07:06:55 - test] Android Launch!
[2011-03-18 07:06:55 - test] adb is running normally.
[2011-03-18 07:06:55 - test] Could not find HelloAndroid.apk!

I already googled it but could find a solutin for this ...I have reinstalled eclipse and also sdk ..agian ..please this is also of no help .....please guide me .

Thanks all..
10 years ago
Thanks Rob , It will help me .
11 years ago
Hi Seetharaman ,

your correct ,its not a map its a list in list only .

Thanks a lot ranchers ..
11 years ago
HI Rob,

Even I'm also trying to get the structure .
I think its a list in list structure ,list thought it would be a list in list with a map as element.

11 years ago
Hi ranchers ,

I'm getting this [[shipmentId=20390, facilityId=10070, shipGroupSeqId=00001]] collection from a service , can you please tell me how to iterate throw this collection . I need to get the shipmentid .
11 years ago
Hi ranchers,

Why we cannot use new checked exceptions for interface's implementation methods in the sub class ,but there is no restriction with respect to run time exceptions ?

can you please elaborate on this .

11 years ago

Spring in Action
for spring.
If you already know hibernate it suggest Java Persistence with Hibernate

11 years ago
Hi Edward,

If the propagation is set to required then

1.If the calling method is already in a transaction it will use the same transaction
2.If the calling method is in a non-transaction scope it will create new transaction .

Correct me if I'm wrong .

11 years ago
Hi all,

What is the significant use of interface ,when we can write all abstract methods in a abstract class and extend it ?
Why java people has provided us with two things?

Thanks in advance .
11 years ago
Thanks JaiKiran ..
It was helpful ...
11 years ago
Thanks for your quick replies .

This means that JBoss will start the System installed JVMm inn the classpath -Im i rite ?
11 years ago

Jaikiran Pai wrote: When you start a JBoss AS, a separate JVM is instantiated.

Does this mean JBoss will have a separate JVM internally or it will use system default.
11 years ago

There is one context per "web application" per Java Virtual Machine

As per servletcontext spec we will have one context per application per JVM.

My question is can we run find 2 JVM's on a single JBoss instance ?

If Yes then two servletContext will be present .
11 years ago
Thanks Srikanth , that was helpful ...

class will be loaded only once per classloader ! Rite
11 years ago