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Recent posts by Victor Ramen

I am a j2ee developer with 6+ yrs of experience. I have scjp1.4 and scwcd 1.4.

To puruse my dream of becoming an architect, I wish to round out my knowledge and make my knowledge base broader. To that respect, I have decided to take the certificate as afirst step.

My questions are:
What is a good book/resource for this?
Should I follow this website:here
Also after completing this ceritificate, will I get a physical certificate that I will put on my resume?

Babloo Srivastava wrote:Hi,

I am in India and have around 10 years of IT industry experience, I've spend almost 5 years in my present organization which is mainly a consulting company, prior to that I've worked for another company for almost 5 years, so in my total 10 years of experience I've changed just one company.

I am now looking for a job change as because I don't find enough challenges in my present job mainly due to I still want to stick to technical side rather than switching to management roles, and also because I haven't changed lot of companies so my salary is not at par with my experience. I've got one offer from other product based non-IT company which is offering me a little bit more than what I am getting, the salary they are offering doesn't excite me at all however I find that role is quite challenging. I've following questions, it will be great if somebody can provide his opinion or suggestions on these.

1. Should I accept their offer or look for more options out there as market is quite good and I think I'll get certainly better package.
2. Should I complete my 5 years in my present company so that I can avail my gratuity and other bonuses(it will be another 2-3 months that I'll complete my 5 years here).
3. What kind of package one should accept with 10 years of experience in IT industry, technical architect role?.
4. After 10 years of experience what kind of role one should expect in Indian market ?

Thanks and Regards,

I think for 10 yrs exp...15 - 20 LPA is good. What does your research say?
2-3 months goes by very it is a good idea to wait for the bonus and gratuity:)

Also personally, I will never accept a challenging role if the salary does not excite me...but that is just my opinion.
12 years ago

Lee Kian Giap wrote:So could I say it is better to move to a role which involve Business Analyst + System Analyst + Design + Development ... which means I am not out from technical side, and still have the chance to gain experience on business analysis , liaison with client , conclude/produce business requirement and functional requirement.

BUT is there a Role which doing this ?

In North America, the Programmer Analyst role comes to mind...
12 years ago
I think I know which IT company you are talking of
5 yrs exp and 10 LPA + 20% bonus is a very good offer. In your current 'top IT company', the opportunities are less. As you might have noticed, offering employees an onsite just after they put resignation is an age old practice in this company.
In the longer term, does the new company offer better prospects?
If yes, you should take it. If not, better come onsite and save some $.
However, my reco is to take the new offer...because finance domain knowledge is always preferable than working for an offshore consulting company where they keep tossing you from domain to domain, project to project.
12 years ago

velan vel wrote:hai friends one person known to me is getting nearly $18000 per month in USA. He is Working as a UNIX ADMIN in Software Concern. His EXP is Nearly More than 6 years. whether its possible or not.(he is H1B visa holder) Is any Special for H1B.

velan vel

18000$/ month? If headhunters are luring you with these kind of sories...beware!!!
12 years ago
More money = more stress? That is only if you are moving up the hierarchy in a particular company.
A way of quickly boosting income in the short term is go from perm to contract. Same role, Same responsibilties(almost)...but double money.
The more stress is not related to more money. It is related to change as already pointed out. If one is moved to a role that is significantly different (in whatever way) from his old role, even if the new role pays less, it will generate stress.

I am not personally a big supporter of the more money = more stress model...because it demotivates me.
12 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Bear Bibeault wrote:What did you think?

Agree. Why not post a review on JavaRanch? It must obviously be an original review.

Thanks for the link. I posted my review.
12 years ago

Chris Benskey wrote: We're building stuff that simply has not been built before.

Can you please provide an example for this?
12 years ago
Can you throw some light on the No H1 policy? Is there a way for Canadian citizens to apply?
12 years ago

Tom Tees wrote:
When you are building a system from scratch, do you tend to model Physical Things or instead Business Processes?

In a typical enterprise app, Physical Things AND Business Processes are both present. e.g. A RegistrationService might use Address and User objects([physical things) to carry out a registration.
Process = verb and object = noun. and both of them are necessary.
I have seen approach (b) for complex real life applications and approach (a) for simpler tutorial kind of applications.
I recently read Sam Lightstone's 'Making it Big in Software'
It contains interviews by the big names of the Linus Torvalds, Marissa Ann Mayer, James Gosling. Also Sam gives a good outline of how to progress in your career starting from the interview...all the way to a visionary.

Did anybody read this book? What did you think?
12 years ago
1. Wired (Not sure if available in India or need to be ordered online)
2. IEEE Computer Society
12 years ago

Aditya Sirohi wrote:Hello Folks,

I need to transfer file from one computer to another in the LAN. I saw some documents on FTP, can you let me how can i approach this problem? Do i need to write both client and server for this? I think if i start with a simple code that replicates file transfer using command line ( C:\\test.txt [IP of the destination machine]), that would be a good start for me.


Depends. Assuming server = source and client = destination, does the client trigger the FTP? i.e. Is it a pull mechanism? Or a push where server FTP-s without any request from the client.
In the former case, you need to write both client and server. In the latter case, only server.
12 years ago
Are you asking for how to parse a file for a particular text using java?
12 years ago