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Recent posts by Kripal Singh

Arjun Shastry wrote:Week end is coming.He wants list of Bollywood movies which were hit recently.I have not seen but may be you can watch-
Tees Mar Khan.

that is not a good movie .
12 years ago
Can someone post few recent hit Hindi movies to Watch .
12 years ago
it might make sense to attach applet process to perfmon or java profiling tool to see what's going on . also open java console and see what's going on . check sun bug reports or google you issue
13 years ago
you need to set the path variable i run.bat if you are using windows

some thing like
path = %PATH%;newdir

or path= %PATH%;C:\Windows\System32\;C:\Windows\;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem

set the path variable before you set any other variable like CLASSPATH or VM args .
13 years ago
try testing the app with different jre on 2 different client PC ( with fresh install ) . also make sure you are using same browser . probably nothing to do with your app but client OS, browser and jvm combination .
13 years ago
you might have to work with developer and code to look into this issue . what server and jvm/jdk ( versions ) are you working with ? have you watched jvm process during testing for possible mem leaks .
13 years ago
in winsows you have to set the PATH variable ( in server startup script ) in unix you set shared library as LD_LIBRARY_PATH . I am not sure if you have to use jvm args -Djava.library.path . post a detail description of how are you starting the server and setting the path variable .
13 years ago
This is with respect to the issue we are encountering with class loaders in JBoss Application Server. The problem statement is something like this.

An application EAR file is deployed on the JBOSS application server, this has files referring to classes present in another "Jar" file that is also deployed on the same application server. The issue arises out of hot deployment of the jar file. In this scenario the files in the EAR can't refer to the latest class files deployed as part of the "Jar" file. Is there a solution to this problem such that the latest loaded classes in the Jar can be referred from the EAR without the need to redeploy the EAR file.
17 years ago
reminds me of hindi horror movies by ramsey brothers

Khooni Bistar,
Ichadhari Bhoot,
Khubsurat Chudailein,
Khooni Ladki,
Chudail ki Raat,
Zahereelee Raat,
Khooni Saya,

check out the link
Bollywood Horror Movies
[ December 20, 2005: Message edited by: Kripal Singh ]
17 years ago
i guess it's kinda slow
17 years ago
Googling for "body shopper"

body shopper noun. A contractor in a Third World country who recruits local programmers and shops them around to software companies in North America.

Example Citation:

"In San Francisco, contract programmers undercut by foreign body shoppers are waging a campaign to get immigration authorities to stop issuing short-term visas to foreign programmers."
´┐ŻLeslie Helm, "Creating High-Tech Sweatshops," The Los Angeles Times

18 years ago
This is not a tech boom . What we see here is a small cross section of society which enjoyed good times in West now having good times in East . Does not apply to a regular Techie .
18 years ago