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Recent posts by Arun Kumar Gupta

Using Dependency Injection

@Stateless (name="<ejb name>")
@Statefull(name="<ejb name>")

TransactionManagement(type=container /bean)
Thank you all

Can you tell me how you purchase Ethuware test. how much does you cost ?
If you are in India,no need to pay $29 .Instead get it from that by tranferring the money to Deshmukh account.

I have a question, did you practice your code?
As mentioned in the EJB3 in action ,i practice the code on Glassfish,Apache derby.Taken the code directly from
EJB in action author site and pracitced few where i have doubt.

How many times, you have repeated the mock exam test ?

I think one time is enough because if you had done Q right first time then you will do right each time(if its not fluke),
and if you do it wrong ,make sure you understand why its wrong so next time you will do it right.

11 years ago
congrats nice score
11 years ago
I have cleared SCBCD5.0 with 80% yesterday.I started prep 3 months back with EJB3 in action
book,really good book for the beginer but not sufficient for the exam but good to understand
the topics easily.Then read MZ notes and thought it will be enough for the exam.

So Purchased Enthuware and gave the first 2 test with 44% and 54%.Then i realized something
is missing and that something is the Spec.Well there is no better guidance than spec(anyway
the spec is for that only pretty obious).Started Reading the topic mentioned in the
syallbus from the spec and cleared 3 and 4 with 59% and 61% .When finished spec and gave
the final 5 ,the percentage is 80%.I wish i had read the spec one more time and easily

One more thing about enthuware i realised that the maximum score in enthuware is my
maximum score in the Sun exam ,be it SCWCD or SCBCD(might not be
a generalized statement).Really worth the money product.

Thank you all
11 years ago

Amandeep Singh wrote:
I know the correct answer is 4. But i am confused with the explanation given it says- MyApplicationException is a runtime exception (because it is not declared in the throws clause). Does that means it will now treat this MyApplicationExcepton as RuntimeException(extends SystemException) also it has no @ApplicationException defined. According to this explanation as it is Runtime Exception, the correct anser would have been 2.

Please Advice.

It say MyApplicationException is runtime exception but it is also given it is an application exception (so it is not system exception).

so the only way it can be if it is annotated with @ApplicationException

and in it no rollback is specified so by default rollback is false is assumed,so tx is not rollback

I think netbeans 6.1 with glassfish and apache derby will be good choice
hi Chaminda ,
congrats and thanks for helpful tips
11 years ago
As given in MZ notes page 115,remove entity instance has a persistent identity ,is associated with a persistence context and is marked for removal from the database.

while a detached entity has persistence id that no longer associated with persistence context
Try go through that page
Theta join is the join when two entities are joined not on the relationship exist between them but explicitly specifying some other field.

Select b
from b.item,c.categories
where b.(something other than relationship)=c.(something)

Inner join is the join on relationship entities and no need to sepecify the join in =,only the matching entities are there that exist in both the entities

select b
from b.item INNER JOIN c.categoreis

Outer join when you want all the field of one side to exist whether match is found or not LEFT ,RIGHT,

Correct me if i am wrong
A TagSupport does not have EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED,

BodyTagSupport is a subclass of TagSupport. It adds three methods and changes doStartTag() default return value to a new return value.
New return value :
doStartTag() default return type :
New methods :
Good explanation Ralph cleared my doubt as well
I think you should refer Head first latest edition,do check SCWCD links given here

The only exam available on sun site is SCWCD 5
I think you should refer Head first latest edition,do check SCWCD links given here

The only exam available on sun site is SCWCD 5 what next?
11 years ago