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Recent posts by Amandeep Singh

Since I didn’t see any answer from author, just making sure does even author has coderanch account or aware of question / answer promotion ?

I've following question on this book:

Does this book talks about web technologies that can be used with Java EE?
Position/Relevance of Java EE in todays market?
Future of Java EE?
Actually, i'vent yet switched from Solution Architect to DevOpS Engineer yet but seriously considering it, the reason for it is I've learned so much in my previous title, now I like to broaden my skill set as DevOps Engineer.

Is this considered demotion move from architect to DevOps Engineer? But it's offering higher salaries than architect positions.

Is DevOps another revolution similar to when mobile development came few years back?
5 years ago
Very brilliant reply.

In two lines i will say then project management is much easier than progamming. Programming is brain storming task compared to project management.
8 years ago
The manager is working in Outlook and Word, Excel all day. Is that a difficult skill to achieve, communication yes needed not a big deal ? Why this is a expensive skill than technical skill?
i have seen programmers more smart and intelligent.

Ofcourse programmers do work longer hours than managers. There is a reason for this because programming expertise level is much higher than managing level.

i dont know if evryone will agree here because i dont see it fair.

8 years ago
Even though developers have higher in depth knowledge and have to stay constantly update. or very common in world BOSS always have higher pay.
8 years ago
Thanks Jeanne. A solution architect is one who works more on generic solutions, common solutions, design of the applications and even works on preparing the platform for developers like tools, frameworks, servers, technologies they use.

8 years ago
i am already a software developer for years, if given opportunity should i go with solution architect as a career path.

i like to decide based upon pros cons in regards in terms of career, growth prospect and salary.

i am confused, please guide me.
8 years ago
which career path would be more stable/beneficial (in terms of money as well) in next coming years Architect or Project Manager as Software Developer ages.
8 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Why? If it's simple to do with structure, why bang your head against the wall to do it the hard way?

Obviously this is not what i expected.

HTML and CSS are different languages. For now I'm curious how it's possible in CSS that is the same reason i said Advanced CSS.

Even my post question highlights to do it in CSS.

Bear Bibeault wrote:Nothing advanced there. A fieldset, legend, and simple border.

Thanks Bear. It seems HTML did the job.

How about CSS instead of using HTML?
I'm newbie to Advanced CSS. Please see the attached picture, what CSS code can produce this?

I want to produce rectangle and from rectangle top, width line is replaced with a text. Also please let know if there is any such cool tool that allows me to draw figures same as attached picture and auto generate CSS code.