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Recent posts by vavilala akumar

I was using JBOSS 4 and in the JBOss 4, i am setting the classpath for my utility jar file and the other property files, these were loading at the start up time of server . SO that this utility classes i am able to call in my application at run time.

But now we are upgrading JBOSS4 to JBOSS 7 and in JBOSS 7 we cant set the class path as we set in JBOSS 4, when i check in the google there is Module concept introduced in place of JBOSS 4 classpath. Now i want to know how to set this and Mainly how to load my utility Jar file while start up so that my application can able to call these class files inside it.

Please suggest the steps how to do it.

Thank you.
7 years ago
Yes the VARCHAR corresponding type in database is also VARCHAR only.It is working fine in production till 10 days back , i got the doubt on the types and changed 2 days back, still it is not working.

before my code was.

csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(4, Types.INTEGER);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(5, Types.INTEGER);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(6, Types.VARCHAR);

i have changed to

csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(4, Types.BIGINT);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(5, Types.BIGINT);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(6, Types.LONGVARCHAR);

still i am getting same error. please suggest.


I am getting the exception : java.sql.SQLException: Bigger type length than Maximum while i am executing the callable statement. we are using oracle 10g version .I have google it and found some answers about upgrading the latest Jdbc drivers. I have downloaded jdbc driver and placed. But still getting the same error.

This callable statement is taking 3 input paramters and 3 output parameters.

See the below code

String strsql="call Mm_Sp_Abscollrpt_Main_Summary(?,?,?,2,?,?,?)"
csPopulateData = getCallableStatement(strSql);
csPopulateData.setString(1, strLocCode); // value : AHYD2
csPopulateData.setTimestamp(2, DateUtil.retTimestamp(strDtTo)); // value: 2009-04-06 00:00:00.0
csPopulateData.setString(3, strUserId); // Value is : SANT1D
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(4, Types.BIGINT);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(5, Types.BIGINT);
csPopulateData.registerOutParameter(6, Types.LONGVARCHAR);
csPopulateData.execute(); //getting exception Here

We are facing this issue in Production . Your quick response is highly appreciated.
Hi Ryan,

Our application will work in IE only.And we cant tell the users that while opening two browsers of the same application, open with different browsers. It cant be possible. Normally users using the same bowsers for all the applications.

And one more thing , the same i am doing in my developement Env.
I am also using IE6, and opening two browsers and doing the same thing what users are doing , but i am not facing the problem.

What might causing the problem ?
12 years ago

I cant use query string url. and it is not related to any security issue also.

When i login in to my application, we are placing userid in session in file

Code :

session = request.getSession(true);

if (request.getParameter("strUserName") != null )
session.setAttribute("username", request.getParameter("strUserName"));

After that where ever we need, we are getting the username from seesion and using that.

This problem is coming , when i open two browsers in th same system, the first userid(i mean the browser which i open first) is replaced by second browser useid.

Is there any solution , please suggest?

12 years ago

There is some misunderstanding.

Ours is enterprise application.There are near about 2000 users are using our application in intranet.There are some users who can have create rights , but they dont have approve rights(As per business needs).The person who has approve rights they can only approve that record (called maker and checker condition).

For some users for their convieniance purpose , they took the approved id and passworod. And they open two browsers with created id , and Approved id in same system then he is creating the record but in database created by is showing Approved id , which is in another browser id.

Note : It iscoming only in production,not simulating in developement Environment.

Please suggest
12 years ago
I am getting session collusion problem , if I open my application on two
IE6 browsers in the same system, after some time , I am getting
values which are not applicable for that session , but will be
applicable for the session present on other browser.

Please help, What could be the problem?

scenario: In our Application for one user we have given rights to create the record, and for another user to update the record.User is opening two browsers one with create rights(userid X) and another with update rights(userid Y) in the same system, then he is going to create the record but in data base it showing created by as Y, but it should be X.It seems second browsers session is coming in the first browser.

Thanks and Regards
Arun Kumar
12 years ago
Dear All,

My Requirement/Qts is wether we can display tooltip of Select option value when i focus on that particual value on IE6?.

I have used title attribute but it is properly working on Mozilla not on IE6.

is there any work around to implement this on IE6?..... your help would highly appreciated