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Recent posts by Oliver Watkins

Well, yes i guess that is the crux of it. I need to deploy my app into an environment where I can fire off my selenium tests against.

I don't understand why this is such a big deal in Maven. Surely there must be thousands and thousands of other people out there who use selenium tests to test against their web sites and have them inegrated in Maven?

If Maven is not such a great deploy tool, should I start mixing in ANT with my Maven?

All I want to do is this :

- I have a website
- it is client side only. ie all javascript. all backend calls are mocked.
- i write some JUnit/Selenium tests in Java
- The tests work perfectly agains the website.
- When i commit, Jenkins takes over, and it is a nice continuous integration type thing.


- when the unit tests break because i have changed something: I need to deploy my app locally so that i can run my tests against it before i check it in.
- it is this local test on my 8080 server before i check in where i get this idiotic "chicken or egg" scenario from Maven.
- precisely... I want to change something in my javascript that will fix my selenium tests.

7 years ago

It's logical that the unit tests are run before deploying any application.

But what if I am deploying to a development environment? I want to stage my application in a dev environment so that my selenium tests can run against it. However both TEST and INTEGRATION-TEST come before INSTALL.

7 years ago

Why is the TEST before INSTALL in the build lifecycle in maven?

My unit tests are supposed to run once i have installed my web application. I am using selenium tests to test a number of test cases. The problem is, that Maven puts the TEST step right near the beginning of the lifecycle, so, that if the TEST step fails, then the whole thing fails. However I am trying to install something to FIX my test cases. So I cannot deploy these fixes, because the tests still fail. So, i am damned if I do, and damned if I don't. Maven wont let me deploy a fix to my tests because my tests don't work!!!

To get around this I need to hack around with run configurations to ignore the tests. But this is such poor and backward thinking on behalf of the maven developers.

Just idiotic in my opinion.

7 years ago
It only needs to be as complicated as it needs to be. What would you have a Document for each textfield? You should only worry about the complexities of the Swing architecture when you get to tables and trees.

Just use setText and getText on the text fields, and add an action listener to the button. Done.

Olly [url removed]

Roel De Nijs wrote:And because you are unable to do so, you should send an email to suncert_ww@oracle.com explaining the issue(s) you have.

Yes i have written to suncert_ww, but they never answer me

Roel De Nijs wrote:Here a user trying to contact Oracle had the same error message. Changing the extension to something different from jar, zip or exe did the job (apparently).

And please watch your language: shouting, screaming, calling people names,... will not help you any further.

I have already done the file extension thing, and it does not work. I am only this angry, because I have been calm and composed the first 20 or 30 times I have emailed and telephoned Sun/Oracle/Prometric over the past 9 months. At this stage a little steam is escaping every time I compose an email. Sorry for that. At the end of the day I just want my money back, but Sun/Oracle has so little information about who to contact. Legally I am entitled to getting my money back.

Raf Szczypiorski wrote:I am also in Germany and I sent the email from Germany, from home. The file name was scjda-<my prometric id>.jar. Try this email: Martina.Fischer@sun.com - this is the lady that really helped me - she forwarded my email to all saints in Oracle (I complained a lot about how they had handled me up to that time) and I had my quesitons answered within a week. Maybe this will be of help to you?

Hi Roel/Raf,

I sent my file like this :



developer-submit_US@Oracle.com and developer-submit@Oracle.com

As I expected, it was rejected.

I really need some phone number in the US from the developer certification people as I would like my refund.

Raf Szczypiorski wrote:Hi,

Roel asked me to comment on this topic as I sent my assignment very recently (last Thursday).
So, really, I have nothing to say, I just used the email mentioned here, add an attachment jar to it, the topic and the jar had my prometric Id included, and right after I did this I got an automatic response so I guess it got past their filters.
Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but I really didn't have any problems.


Hi, how exactly did you name your file?

was it like FirstName_LastName_SP1243566.jar ?

Did you put your prometric id in the subject?

What country do you reside in? I am in Germany. Maybe that is a problem... but i have no idea why it owuld be.

thanks Roel and Raf

then why do I get this message when I try to send them my JAR file?

<mail.prodyna.com #5.0.0 smtp;551 5.0.0 Oracle does not accept messages with jar attachments>

I just did that just then.
Hi Pieter,

Sorry to dissapoint you but it has been around 9 months, and Sun/Oracle have done nothing with my assignment. It may take a few more months
I submitted my assignment and did my essay around the end of September, and it has now been 9 Months!!! I have been emailing and calling up everyone under the sun on an almost daily basis now.

Does anyone have any telephone numbers of some of the people in the US who I can contact? I have a plethora of email addresses, which I am beginning to think just belong to complete morons.

Recently I amazingly got a response from one of these email addresses. They said 'sorry' blah blah... 'trying to fix your situation' (I copy and pasted email at the bottom). And they said to send my assignment again as a JAR file. I have tried to send my assignment as JAR as ZIP as extension renamed JAR as extension renamed ZIP. But nothing will get through. I have emailed them DAILY trying to get them to find some other solution for me to get my JAR to them. What is wrong with these people???

I am recently thinking about taking legal action. It has cost a lot money to try to get this certification. The absolute least of which is that I should get a refund.

Please seriously consider my case before you do the SCJD. Why would you waste 80 hours of your life and a whole lot money for something you may never get? I for one am NEVER doing any more Sun Certifications.


Oliver Watkins

Hi Oliver,

Our assessors have confirmed that they did not receive the assignment file. Can you please mail us the same and we will immediately get this graded. We have the details of your Essay, please mail us only the assignment jar file and we will get this issue sorted out at the earliest.

We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.,

OCP Team
I would make heavy use of Actions. Have an action for all actions a user will make, ie. search, delete, create etc. Inside the action you should have the call to the delegate and backend, and also any error pop up dialogs. If the action leads to another pop up dialog. Contain the dialog as an inner class of the action class.

That way your code will look lots cleaner
Heya... my first ever post. Been doing SCJD for 3 months now.


I am a bit puzzled about UrlyBird locking. Here is my journey so far..

The requirements state that you should lock/unlock records when updating them. This part is fine to me. I have the lock/unlock in place, and there is a straight forward wait()/notify() system in place. A hashmap keeps recNo's and timestamps..

Now once the lock is aquired, I update the record, and unlock. But the next problem I discovered was that if another client is updating ANOTHER row at the same time (ie. nothing is being synchronized), then data corruption can occur because the single RandomAccessFile is having its pointer moved by two competing threads hence causing potential data corruption.

So anyway.. i thought I might as well synchronize on the RAF object during the update method. This works fine now. All updates, deletes etc. are atomic. You can update with a thousand threads on random records all at the same time and no data corruption occurs.

But then two things puzzled me,

a) Things seem a tad over synchronized. My lock and unlock methods are synchronized, and then when I call the update() method, the whole internals of the method are contained in a synchronize block, because I am synchronizing the RAF.

Performance wise I just think it's a bit rubbish. There is nothing between these three pieces of code. It's just synch, synch and synch. I just don't like it. I might as well chuck the whole thing into one synch block.

I am thinking of having a pool of RAF objects that can run simultaneously on different record updates, however, if they update the same record, then they do the wait() / notify() thing.

b) The Requirements are a bit bizarre. What puzzles me the most, is that the requirements state nothing about a user updating a record that has changed since the GUI read the record. This is really poor software design.

Client A can read record where customer is "", then Client B can update it so that its customer is "abc", and then Client A can update it so that its customer is "xyz".

This is pretty poor. Shouldn't Client A get a message or something saying "record has been updated. Do you wish to overwrite?". I really wish the assignment said something like this. Rather than the silly SecurityExcepton check, why not a RecordModifiedException ?

Anyway, that's where I am at the moment. Anyone have anything to add to this?