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Recent posts by Tony romer

If that's true, it has no value to be certified in web services. 42 is nothing
And I would never expect such a mistake from SUN, glad Oracle acquired them.
Everybody says passing score is 42% but here
it says 68% for version 5.

I guess there is sth. i misunderstand, could you please clarify?
I would like to buy Java Web Services: Up and Running, 1st Edition but I see it is only available with kindles. Is there an option I can buy printed version of it or PDF version that I can read on my computer?
Hey guys,
Is class with @Embeddable annotation on the top can be considered as Entity class?

Hey there,
I am so much confused about what happens on onMessage method of MDB. Can you answer below cases one by one?
Thanks in advance

1. onMessage (with Required attribute) calls other bean (with required also) where other bean gets a system exception.
Result : Other bean is discarded, MDB Transaction is rolledback and same message will be redelivered to onMessage method again.

2. onMessage (with Not_supported attribute) calls other bean (with required ) where other bean gets a system exception.
Result : Other bean is discarded, what happens to MDB? What it throws? Is the message redelivered to it again or is it simply discarded?

3. onMessage itself throws a system exception.
Result : MDB is discarded, it throws this system exception to container.

4. onMessage itself throws ApplicationException???
Result : ???

5. i set context.setRollBackOnly explicitliy on onMessage method with required attribute.
Result : ???
If a bean method receives System Exception is that bean always discarded by container?
If a transaction rollbacks, does still version number changes?

I missed a question in UCertify, it was stating, version number changes if a transaction commits or rollbacks.
I was thinking it changes just only when transaction commits.
Hi there,
I want to extend this question to ucertify too. Guys what do you think, about ucertify and real exam scores?

What I can say to you is,
i was scoring about 85 on enthuware and got 89 on SCWCD.

call SetMaxResults of your query object
Hi Ralph,
If I will have the MDB in subscriber side, why do not I need an EJB container there also?

Hi Deephika,
I am thinking MDB as a part of JMS, they are like apples and oranges and not comparable I think? Can you please comment where am I wrong?

Thank you very much
Thank you.
But one more thing here, all my subscribers need EJB Container and EJB supported Application Server.

I was thinking this JMS system (as a subscriber) can even be used in my grandfather's PC at home.

Think about this example,
I have a client application that shows up online weather information from all cities in UK. All clients are subscribed to this topic. Even for this simple system do I need to install EJB container for all client's machines? OR do you have a better solution with JMS API?

I am sorry guys I am just entering to EJB world and as you can see I know almost nothing.
Forgive my rookieness
Dear folks,
I am reading EJB 3 In Action book and got a bit confused about JMS Chapter.

Let's say,

Company A1 has application APP1 which is Message Producer. It sends this message as a topic to an MQ which exists in Company A2 network.

Company A3 is a subscriber of this topic.

Now where is my MDB, i am confused about EJB 3 In Action codes,

Can I summarize as follows,
MDB lives in an EJB container.
MDB pulls messages from MQ.
MDB lives on same side of client who is subscriber.

As far as I see from the book it looks like (there is another EJB Container where MQ lives) and MDB lives here and pushes messages to Company3.

Could you share your thoughts because i am having difficulties to see clear big picture on this topic?


Hi ranchers,
I am glad to tell you i passed it.

Whizlab mock exams:
Diagnose: % 84
Test 1: % 80
Test 2: % 83
Test 3: % 92

Final Exam: % 89

in I get on the average %83

Questions are really easy, I missed all questions in design patterns, they were tricky.
15 years ago
I cleared exam with 89%.
I will send another message with my mock exam history in detail.