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Recent posts by bekars

Thank you, An Wang.
Is it saying that I should make up the database by myself in SQL Server, and the database tables acorrding to the db.db file?
I am right?
My assignment include a file named db.db.
How do I make up the database?
And which database will I use, SQL Server or Oracle???
Please help me, thanks a lot, I am a new rancher!
Thank you Java Siva
I want to learn SCJD based on my assigment which is reiceved from SUN. How do you think that?
Would you like post your experiences!
I hava pass the SCJP exam, now I am preparing the SCJD exam.
I am now no any experience on SCJD, but I want to download the assignment firstly.
Is it a good idea, I want a answer.
Thank you very much, Now I know how to prepare the exam.
I want fight to it in a month!
See you later.
19 years ago
I am preparing the SCJP exam. I have some questions, please help me.
1]Is the mock test same as the real exam?
2]Which mock is the best, and where can I find them?
3]Whether does the SUN's exam database ofen changes or not?
19 years ago