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Recent posts by kohsa ashok

Jelle Klap wrote:You could accomlish this using a while-loop and a continue.

Hey buddy, this code will work perfectly without even the "continue" and still meet all the requirements
11 years ago

I have used Head First Servlets and Jsps to prepare for the test and not any other book...

I have 2-3months experience with Servlets but no experience with JSPs.

I have used some online mock exams....

Thanks to all ranchers!
13 years ago
which book is good?

EJB3 in Action or Oreilly's Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

If we just study one of them, can we still pass the exam? Because most of the ranchers who passed the exam are giving a long list

Also, i went through the specification....it sucks me and i don't want to go through it completely...

I just want your correct guidance to a book, with which i can pass!
Am Just wondering whether new SCBCD 310-091 exam covers EJB2.0 as well?
Please give me the link of mikalai zaikin guide?
What are the diferences between EJB3.0 and 2.0?

Wat are the books available for scbcd - EJB3.0?