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For code see:

my .java file is in c:\jdk\bin
my .class file is in c:\jdk\bin


runs with no errors (jse

java HelloWorldSwing

generates NoClassDefFoundError

I fail to understand why this is generated when the files are in the current directory. I've tried set CLASSPATH=C:\jdk\bin and then running java but i obtain the same result. I am positive this is not a typo. I had this problem many years ago when i first started Java, but haven't used it in years and am starting it up again. What am I missing? I've looked through the forum and the only think i haven't done is set a classpath environment which I dont (and others) think is necessary.

Thanks for your explanations. I created a start folder in the root. I could not run javac from anywhere but c:\jdk\bin.

Running javac c:\start\ in c:\start created the 2 class files.

Typing java start.HelloWorldSwing from bin folder still generated same error. java HelloWorldSwing generated same thing. java -classpath c:\start HelloWorldSwing also failed.

This seems so silly. Why does javac respond so easily to a directory path while java seems to be so clueless (like me).

Commenting out the package start; line allows the command

java -classpath c:\start HelloWorldSwing

to work. Thanks again for your assistance.
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[ July 30, 2008: Message edited by: Francesca Gibbons ]
13 years ago