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Recent posts by Jossey Jacob

Hi Razi,
I am also new to GWT.
But i think the web.xml is not generated every time we compile.
I was using GWT 1.5.

I had modified the generated web.xml and it worked.
But I am not sure, if some specific change would cause it to be re-generted.
The generated web.xml only contains a single servlet definition/mapping.
So there is no need to generate it every time. I guess.

Let me know whether you have already solved it.
And are you using the solution form that link to integrate with spring.

10 years ago
Hello friends.
I was checking out the jgoodies demo, when i saw the splash screen for application downloaded with java web-start.

I wanted to do the same for our product too. Checked some samples and did it.
But now the notorious "Working in my machine, not in his" problem came up.

I deployed the application in my machine, accessed it from the same machine, the splash screen showed up. Not the first time, though.

Then I checked it from another machine. But then it doesn't show up. The icon specified as kind="default" is shown application list.

When I checked with the splash.jpg as the icon kind="default", it was showing the image as the application icon.
Am I doing anything wrong here?
What are the things to take care when adding splash images?
Is it true that the splash screens does not appear the first time?
10 years ago
Thanks for your reply. Sorry for my late reply.

We had this config file which contains the connection-properties for the client to connect to the server.
We are using rmi over http.
So the properties are like

connection.protocol =.....

These are like defined deployment time at deployment time. So we wanted to be able to specify these properties in a file in the server. This file will not be in a jar. And we wanted this file to be downloaded to the client via java web-start.

Thats the whole story in short.

Now 2 Qs,
1. What is suitable approach in this scenario?
2. Is there a way to download any other than jar, zip.. like .exe, .xml files?
10 years ago
Can we add a properties file as a resource in JNLP

<j2se version="1.5+"/>
<jar href="client/abc.jar"/>

<!-- Is this possible -->
<jar href="client/"/>

<application-desc main-class="MyMain"/>

Or is there any other way?
10 years ago