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Recent posts by venkatesh badrinathan

althogh i removed the comment tag, my servlet is not invoked.
14 years ago
hi harinath, i have configured my xml file but got the err 404 as i have mentioned above. how should i fix this?
my xml file is as follows,

here 'vec' is the servlet prog name and the class name itself, whose class file is been placed in classes folder inside web-inf dir.
is there any err in my xml file..(i always go wrong in configuring xml file). please provide some links or explain me if possible. thanks in advance.
14 years ago
i am new to servlet technology. i have written my first servlet program and placed it in web-inf/classes folder in tomcat. and my html page in root directory. the issue is whether i should configure web.xml file or not?(although i configured it, i got 404 error, saying that the particular servlet file is not found).
i have heard my friend saying that when we place html file in root directory, we do not need to configure xml file. why is that so?? can someone explain please..
14 years ago
am sorry. i have spent most of the time to find out that jar file to compile my servlet, but could not figure it out. also tried saving the prog everywhere the in directory, but nothing worked out.. is there any other way please..
14 years ago
Thanks ulf, but i did not find servlet-ai.jar file in my system.
i have all the setup files that i have mentioned below.
let me uninstall the old setups then.
please let me know which of them should i install so that i can go ahead with servlets.
thanks in advance..
14 years ago
hi everybody, i am new to servlets. i have installed j2ee5.0 sdk in my system and tried to compile a helloworld servlet program. i do not know where to save my program in the sdk directory. i have tried it saving in bin directory but my program gave err saying, "javax.servlet package does not exist".
once i get a class file, i know how to deploy my servlet.
please tell me the exact path to save my program so that i could compile it.
14 years ago
hi everybody, i am new to servlets. i have some basic servlet prog which i have tried to execute in my system. but it reported saying that servlets packages are not found. can someone please tell me which sdk should i install in my system to run my servlet programs.. please provide links if any.. thanks in advance;
14 years ago
hi everybody, i had just completed my scjp1.5 course and about to start with scjd. I did not know anything about scjd, but i am very interested to go ahead and explore it... i have also searched some details from net, but if you people feel some link to be very useful for beginners, then please let me know them...
the toughness level of the questions was equal to the one given in kathy book chapter wise questions.
as i did not prepare generics and threads well, i lost my marks in those topics.
overall, threads was the toughest part in the exam and i was completely exhausted answering them(i got lot of questions from threads), but if you are prepared then it hope it will be bit easier .
14 years ago
and finally.....
i had given my scjp1.5 exam today and secured 72%
I hereby thank all java ranchers and the ranch team. if you people were not here, i would not have deserved this.
My special thanks goes to kathy sierra and bert bates,
seetharaman venkatasamy (smart fellow who had replied first for my ever first post in this forum)
ankit garg
Rob prime
nabilla mohamed
and the list goes on...
By the way, if you people have any personal doubts about scjp exam(i had so much queries to be asked befor i took the exam ), feel free to mail me personally..

14 years ago
PriorityQueue<Integer> p=new PriorityQueue<Integer>(???,pqs);

The above line is taken from a program, where pqs represents the object of a comparator. but i do not know what is the first argument there. actually it is given as
PriorityQueue<Integer> p=new PriorityQueue<Integer>(10,pqs);
please explain..
i have seen programs where
arg1 is used as a key and arg2 as value and, vise-versa. is it possible to use
arg2 as key and arg1 as value??? if so, while we retrieve the value from buckets will not there be any prob???
sorry, i should have told like,
you can instantiate it within the same class(ie. class with constructor marked as private)
14 years ago
you have two cases here.
1)you can instantiate the class with it.
2)but, you either cannot extend the class nor instantiate it outside the class

i think this helps you..??
14 years ago