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Recent posts by Bharathi Balasubramanian

You may able to do this dynamic by getting appenders and modifying through runtime API. If file going to change manually, you can turn-on watch feature (Im not sure what is that called) to update the logger automatic.

If none of this going to work!! You can always write custom wrapper to-do what you want.. That�s the prettiness of open source.

[ October 05, 2004: Message edited by: Bharathi Balasubramanian ]
Hello team,
I'm starting with log4j here, I got a situation in my project.. I appreciate any of your suggestion.
I got many core componenets in my app.. Let say..*
I like to get each of the component log at different priority and different log file.
for example:* -> DEBUG -> security.log
org.myapp.navigation.* -> WARN -> navigation.log
I seached the forum; no solution yet.
Thanks in adv.
[ January 22, 2004: Message edited by: Bharathi Balasubramanian ]
I searched in IBM. I dunno the test #, could anyone suggest?
Hi all,
Just wondering is anyone like to share your EJB study notes?
I think will be helpful, since we got such a limited time to unfold the world :roll:
Thank you all & good luck.
I got a flight to catch.
21 years ago
Thank you all.
21 years ago
Just wondering can i browse somewhere (or) download the archived pages SCWCD discussions?? I could see only 4 pages :roll:
Howdy.. I'm just getting started with my SCWCD certification, wondering where to start..?

Thanks in adv.
Passed today SCJP 1.4 with 78%. I would have done better; If I concentrate bit on overriding & overloading questions. I think I did overall well.
I am programming in java for a considerable time, so I started taking mock exams freely available on the net and reading more posts @ javaranch.
More specific I did following things;
1.Read velmurugan periasamy notes
2.Dan exam (really helped)
3.Reading Reading Reading javaranch posts.
4.Randomly studies free mock-exam/tips available (incalculable resources to list)
I think, I would done lot better;

1.Concentrate more questions on language basics
2.Garbage collection
Still, I am happy about my score ; my next target is scwcd.
I salute every rancher�s for making this site magnificent place on this planet.
Thank you everyone.
scjp i.iv, mcse
21 years ago
Thanks for correcting me! still, I'm not sure why all 3 objects not available for GC.. (even if the reference(s) get reassigned) afer J().m1() finishes the objects are no longer available to J.m2() what so ever!!
am I missing any basics? :roll:

after new J().m1(); there is no way to access pool of objects created by the J constructor!! why only i1 & i2 ready for GC?? not i3??
Thanks in adv.
Can anyone explain this question please.. (i found this under a mock)

Thanks in adv.
I am wondering is anybody got an easy solution/formula to solve the binary related questions?
I would value any input regarding this.
Thanks in adv.