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Recent posts by Daniel Rutledge

I got a question about DD's env-entry tag on the exam. It is gray on
page 205.

Yeah, I noticed this too and it bothered me a lot because it's such a simple thing for the book to get right, but a painful gap in knowledge for the test taker. I saw a question about the env-entry tag and one for ejb-ref, so I would tell people that basic questions on the EJB elements in the DD are fair game.
Hi all, I successfully built JBOSS, but now i can't start with I'm using JBOSS 5.1.0 on Fedora 12. Here's the output when i

Did I build incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for the help. If there is a more appropriate place to ask, please let me know.

8 years ago
I recently completed my SCWCD and I'm now contemplating my next move. Would the SCJD be too difficult for someone with about a year of experience? The SCWCD was tougher than I anticipated because I underestimated the depth of my experience with J2EE.

I'm also worried that my resume might start to look too silly to employers if it just looks like I'm collecting certifications like mad. Is it better to wait and take the SCJD when I feel I'm ready for a Mid-level developer position?

Thanks, Dan.
I've been looking into this as well, although you've got a lot more experience than me. What other certification programs compliment a set of completed Java certs (SCJP, SCWCD)? Oracle DBA OCA seems to be the logical choice, but I don't like how they require you to do an expensive training class to reach the OCP level, as opposed to Sun's program. In looking at other programs, the topics seem chosen with different positions (System Admin, Network Engineer, etc) in mind, or the exam material is so specific it really isn't of interest to me, for example I work with XML, but I don't really need to know parsing and validation inside out like the IBM XML exam requires. I guess this is why the Sun exams were such a good fit for a starting developer like me.

Do any Java developers here have any experience with non-Sun certification programs?

Edward are you looking specifically for training or for the certification? Unfortunately all I can contribute to your post is that I think the training for Introduction to Oracle9i would be rather easy for you.
Can <security-role> have more than one <role-name> in web.xml according to the current j2ee specification? I've seen different answers in different books and I can't seem to find a correct documentation online. Thank you, Dan.
I'm using Tomcat 5.5. Here's a screen cap of eclipse:

The "Player" class is the JavaBean I'm trying to use.
Again, thank you.
Thank you, Jeanne, you're right I'm working with a regular JavaBean, not an EJB. Sorry about the misnaming. I created a classes folder in WEB-INF, which eclipse put in the src folder under Web App Libraries. I then put the class file there in the default package, but the it still isn't found when the jsp is compiled (******* cannot be resolved into a type). Thank you for any help you can give me.

By the way, I recognize you from JBB. You've written excellent questions and much else for the site; it proved invaluable for my progress in Java.
I'm having trouble creating a javabean in a jsp in eclipse, j2ee version. When I use <jsp:useBean>, The application always claims it cannot find the javabean class. Should I keep the javabean class in the src folder or put it in the WebContent (WEB-INF?) folder manually. Sorry I'm somewhat new to j2ee.
Thank you, Dan.
I'm sorry if I posted an inappropriate post; I assumed job searching methods/companies were fair game for discussion as opposed to work for specific companies. I really wasn't targeting said company but rather posters completely unassociated with them.
9 years ago
I've used for a while now, and I've noticed that the job discussion boards there are very gloomy and dominated by negative opinions of the computing industry. Does anyone here use the board there? How do you feel about the atmosphere and attitudes there?
9 years ago