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Recent posts by Madhavi Venna

Hi All,

This is Madhavi, Completed engineering in 2009.I am good at Oracle,PL/SQL,SQL,Unix,C,Core Java,VLSI and microprocessors. Please let me know if you have or come to know any Fresher openings in Software or Telecom industry in India.

Thanks for your help.

Please do the needful.

11 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
I don�t have idea about other companies, but Persistent and Kale Consultants do lots of good work in Oracle.

Thanks..Its very difficult for me get contact of their HR info or any referals in those comapnies.
If you have any contact can you please send me PM.
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13 years ago
Does any body heard about [ company X ] info company name? If so please let me know about it.

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13 years ago

Originally posted by omi sharma:
Didn't google help ya to find such companies' names?

best regards,

Google helped me little bit in finding such comapnies names...Here mostly I am looking for any contact details of those comapnies like referals and best way to find out current openings in pune companies.

It would be great help if you can provide information.

13 years ago

Currently I am looking for job change in Pune location due personal reasons. I have 3.5 years of exp on Oracle PL/SQL,oracle application server,Unix etc technologies and working in Bangalore for CMMI level 5 service based company.

It would be great help if any body can provide list of comapnies in pune which works on above technologies and their if possible contact persons names.

Any suggestions really appreciated.

Thanks in advnace.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Santhosh Jali:
How about this

rank() OVER (PARTITION BY sapno
ORDER BY amt DESC) AS rank_value,
plant ,
amt ,
rank_value = 1


I have tried this in oracle 9i but it says rank_value is invalid identifier..Can we use Rank value column in where clause?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Prad Dip:
Remote control has just arrived. I hope it works. Please Wish me good luck.

Best of luck..hope this will last long time than your TV From where got TV which costs less than 1000 INR that to in bangalore
13 years ago

Originally posted by Jesper Young:
What is "MS in software systems"?

It is Post graduation course in India..Master of science with specilization in Software systems..Subjects in this course mostly related Software like
Object oriented analysis and design
Software Maintenance management
Software Quality Management
Software Architecture
Software testing Methodologies etc etc..
13 years ago

Originally posted by Renu Radhika:
I am planning to do MS in software systems in distance education mode.Please let me know good universities offering this course.

BITS pilani is good university which offers this course and there is already one thread on this under jobs discussion froum.
you find enough info from here..
13 years ago

Originally posted by Anurag Bangad:

Can you help me by providing information about admission process as well as classes to be attended and about practicles ,if it is there? And let me know about examination centers. Is it necessary to go at Pillani for any procedure. I am working with MNC and I am interested in doing M.S. by my own, not sponceredby company..........Can you provide link for web page related to pillani's site, having complete information.

Thanks in advance. I think you can find some information from here. In which location in india you are working?In bangalore BITS DLP(distance learning programme) office located in Indira nagar, you can go there and find out all the information if you are located in bangalore.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Amit Kumar Jha:
Hi All ,

I have tried the same query in oracle but after changing the limit like 21 to 30 .it does not give any output.

Suggest me if anything i have left or need to alter in the query, m using oracle as DB.

Thanks in advance.

select * from
(select rownum as rank,m.* from myTable m )
where rank between lower_limit and upper_limit

I think this query will work for you.
13 years ago
I have tried in oracle 9i and my query worked fine..

I am not sure about My SQL..
13 years ago

Originally posted by Sagar Rohankar:

Pl correct me, If I`m wrong ,I`m weak in DB .

Your subquery returns 60,24,7 as amount... whatever sapno record has any of these amounts it will return but according to given requirement it should return single row for every distinct sapno.

|| is Concatenate operator here. it checks for maxium amount for every sapno and then it returns single row for verey sapno.

You can try by creating dummy table in DB with given data and check whther it works or not

[ August 21, 2008: Message edited by: Madhavi Venna ]
[ August 21, 2008: Message edited by: Madhavi Venna ]
13 years ago
I hope this will work..

Select * from table_name
where sapno||amt in (Select sapno||max(amt) from table_name group by sapno)
13 years ago

Originally posted by Campbell Ritchie:
Don't know, I am afraid, but I do know people don't like writing ALL IN UPPERCASE. Please read this FAQ and use the pencil-and-paper icon on the posting to edit the title of the thread.

Thanks..edited,hope it is fine now
13 years ago