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Recent posts by chand priyankara

approach to a new application project needs to concern on lot of, data persistance, intergrity,easiness, architecture, design....... customizability, etc and lot more,

but there are many pre-used methods on considering al above conditions, so to avoid missing any of the requirements.

so using such available SET OF LAW's will help programmers to keep a better formatting in programming.

so use a theoretical approach to make a batter program approach!

to avoid

Agile is a game of Gill!
sorry to tell so,
but in the 1000s of methods of finding a real entry point in to a client based software project, we first play this game.

its a System Development methodology!

its a and and method.But its than other methods!

cause entering into a new software project is always a
thanka for d reply!

yer thats the easiest, but i wanted to make a Sinhla doing that way doesn't sense for such big data base?isn't it?<E-fac RUHUNA>
13 years ago
what is it really using for really i'v no idea on it
Do any one knows how to add a popular *.TTF in to NetBean5.0 to use other Languages in Mobile?

13 years ago