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Ravi Shankar Kumar

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since Aug 08, 2008
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I started follow up this famous javaranch foram from my student life . No I am working as software java developer having 3+ years of experience . Everyday I want to learn something from java and its follower person.
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The following steps are required connect/select the Database JDBC application −

• Import the packages: Requires that you include the packages containing the JDBC classes needed for database programming. Most often, using import java.sql.* will suffice.
• Register the JDBC driver: Requires that you initialize a driver so you can open a communications channel with the database.
• Open a connection: Requires using the DriverManager.getConnection() method to create a Connection object, which represents a physical connection with a database server.
• Execute a query: Requires using an object of type Statement for building and submitting an SQL statement to select (i.e. fetch ) records from a table.
• Extract Data: Once SQL query is executed, you can fetch records from the table.
• Clean up the environment: Requires explicitly closing all database resources versus relying on the JVM's garbage collection.

You will get lot of example in online but all should have above steps in the program.  
2 years ago

HuaMin chen wrote:Sorry, I can't access it

try now, I removed the space from URL
2 years ago

Ravi Shankar Kumar wrote:

HuaMin chen wrote:JavaFX

Click this example will help you out.  

2 years ago

HuaMin chen wrote:JavaFX

Click  this example will help you out.  

2 years ago
Hi Campbell Ritchie,

I completely agree that both Procedural programming and functional programming is different But in grouping of both this is very different approach from OOP. As per question and programming style I distributed the path of programming style in two generic way which he (Taylor) can follow .

we know that :-

A functional language (ideally) allows you to write a mathematical function, i.e. a function that takes n arguments and returns a value. If the program is executed, this function is evaluated.

A procedural language, on the other hand, performs a series of sequential steps, where the functional program would be nested and included. There's a way of transforming sequential logic into functional logic called continuation passing style. So if i say purely procedural style then obviously this is different that functional .

we are in the java domain so this is a different path called object oriented style .

so we can say that somehow procedure language has functional property and style. So if we will discuss the programming language can you please tell me 'C' language will come in which category?

6 years ago

There are two way as per my knowledge an you have to be biased and select one depending up on your skill.
1. Object Oriented Programming
2. Procedural/Functional programming

6 years ago
Hi All,

Finally I got the solution of this problem . Now I am able to work smoothly without any disturbance of this credential Prompt in Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers [Version: Helios Service Release 2]. I tried many thing But the Actual solution is below .
1. Go to Window Menu -> Preference
2. select General->Network Option
3. This page will have active provider as Manual in drop down .
4. Change It to Direct
5. Apply the changes and Enjoy

Also look into the screen shot here for help .
This did not worked for me . Unchecked the reference of install/update for available software site stoped asking frequently for the userid/password. but in start it ask for once .
how can i resolve this in Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers because this path (Go to Windows --> Preference --> Network Connections and set Active Provider as "Direct".
) does exist in this version . And message prompt every time to enter user id and passwordwhen i focus on editor
i think for changing a existing strus based web application you only need to work on view which you are using like jsp/html and the business call or action class and as wel as config xml no need to change
8 years ago

can anybody tell me how enum is advantageous if i am using inside class instead of static variable keeping out of this.....

Neha Rane wrote:Hi,
Recently i received a call from private coaching classes, saying, SCJP exam going to change, it's pattern etc.,
It is going to become Oracle certification, this is understood, but they also mentioned, that, you have to complete one training before that, then only you can appear for exam.
And this is going to be mandatory from 1st Oct 2011.

Do any one have any idea about it?

Neha Rane.

This is the technique of earning your private coaching class.
thanks ankit

is voucher price of 310-066 is less than cmpare to 310-065. syllabus , question pattern , no of question and time will be same or different ...tough or easier please tell me...
Hi mohsin

it seems that reading from consol as string * loss his identity. so convert in chararray and then use the first position value as operation.
9 years ago
Hi all

I have a scjp 1.5 certification. Now i want to upgrade to scjp 1.6. but i do't no the difference between upgradation exam and normal exam. for 1.5 to 1.6 what should i do?
i will have to give a fresh regular 1.6 exam or upgradtion exam which i do't know much about that. if both are different then is Exam Number is different also?in which process i will have to go? existing one is sun certification and now oracle certification what will be impact of this?
please help me out.