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Recent posts by Arijit Daripa

Please give me some links for free mock exam simulators, free tutorials for SCBCD
Is there any certification provided from sun for AWT, Swings etc.
13 years ago
will that work with j2se & tomcat?
I am preparing for SCWCD and downloaded a J2EE. But, only documentation are there for HttpServlet class, Servlet interface etc. Where find proper J2EE.
Thanks in advance..............
Thanks Jesper...................
Thanks Bert.
One question!
If the certification is to make one know one's weakness, then why is one not given chance to take the exam after passing it with low score?
Well! I shall be careful since now.
I have j2eesdk-1.4; But no tomcat (package???) is there. How to proceed.
To work in Servlet & JSP which more things will be needed?
Thanks in advance........

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[ October 19, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Hi ranchers! I am an SCJP 5. I started learning about SCWCD. I found it very difficult to understand. So which one is closer to Core Java- SCBCD or SCWCD? My strength is Core of a Language.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks Jesper.
I have found the database. But you were right. It is yet to be updated.
Thanks Chandra! I have got it.
I passed SCJP 5 four days ago. I wanted to view my result on Sun's database. How to access?