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Recent posts by L Willie

I have few server running same version of web application.
These application run from One of the server always show "funny" results,which likely due to cache/memory/session problem.
For example,
1)delete/change certain data then save to database,database update data successfully.However come to screen still showing old result.
2)I search result of certain document from Internet Explorer,then I log out and login to previous search document.Those search criteria and result still REMAIN there.
Fine,I login with different browser,such as mozila firefox,those search criteria and result showing on screen.

If I leave this issue few hours,then come back to previous screen or document,it was show uptodate info.
I have tried delete server cache,browser cache,db cache.problem still persisted.

P/S:Other 3 server runnig same version of web application no such issue.

6 years ago
servlet thrown error when huge data ready to print as pdf.
small size of data is working properly.
I try to catch error and display meaningful message to end user
7 years ago

i want iterate hashMap(linkMap) of someForm at jsp.

thank for your guide.>
7 years ago
for example:
want to program an e-dictionaty

key is A,B,C ........untill Z
value would be serial of word based on key.

if the user select "Z",i want to get related value directly without loop 26 times from A till Z.

for my case(not e-dictionary),the hashmap might have thousand of keys.it is time consuming and effect the performance.

thank you
8 years ago
my program can debug and run completely at JCreator compiler.
however,when i shift my project to netbean compiler,it can't found "keyStoreLib" file.
i have copied "keyStoreLib" to ..\NetBeansProjects\key\build\classes or ..\NetBeansProjects\key\build\classes\key
i guess the error message caused by netbean compiler cant find "keyStoreLib" file from the correct directory path

what the correct directory path for the "keyStoreLib" file?


The question require calcInt%2 compare with 0(that is 'even') and return true to identifier.
above code is my attempt,however it prompt "int cannot be dereferenced".
what is mean about?what else i need to do?

9 years ago

after i modified bit from the answer given by harilal ithikkat .
it can compile and run properly.
However,compiler promt warning message "Accessing static method numbers" on myAnswer.numbers();[line22]
What the warning message state about?
9 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:harilal ithikkat, please read this.

is ok,i'll learn and understand from the answer,not only copy and submit homework.
9 years ago

pete stein wrote:

harilal ithikkat wrote:

impressive job of doing someone else's homework. good show.

thank a lot
9 years ago
[solved]no idea,may somebody give me some hints for the question?

Write a method to display a pattern as follows:

2 1
3 2 1
N n-1 3 2 1

The method header is
public static void displayPattern(int n) //Assumption: n <= 99

9 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:main method needs to be static for the class to be executed from the command line.


9 years ago

above is my complete program file,what wrong to the code?
9 years ago

i require extract day, month, year, minute,second to do some calculation

9 years ago
following class would display digital clock

i want to embed above frame to following panel,generateTimeStampPanel


9 years ago