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OOO!, it works. ;-))
20 years ago
On the title page, it is said that this thread has 11XX messages I could hardly see 60. Is there is a way to get access to the rest of it?
20 years ago
Sergey Opanasets
Does Sun issue a printed certificate for those who passed the exam?
Extract from Servlet 2.3 spec
"...The sendRedirect method will set the appropriate headers and content body to redirect the client to a different URL.It is legal to call this method with a relative URL path, however the underlying container must translate the relative path to a fully qualified URL for transmission back to the client. If a partial URL is given and, for whatever reason, cannot be converted into a valid URL, then this method must throw an IllegalArgumentException...."
see section SRV.5.3
I think it is not Sun who is using your SSN, it is originally coming from Sylval Prometric, that uses your SSN as a testing ID.
You had an option when registering for your first exam with Sylvan to use their testing id instead your SSN, although not everybody knows it. Then they give you SPXXXXXXX number, which is a valid testing id. In this case your SSN is safe.
Anyway using SSN as your login id is a very common practice, I saw it on couple of online traiding sites, although I think it is not correct, for instance, users outside US do not have SSN.
Sometimes there are legal regulations that dictate the way of storing such confidential information, normally it should be encrypted, and its transmission in a clear format is not allowed, that's why all such sites including galton use SSL.
We have somebody in the company who was SCJP Java 1.1 certified and received SJCD Java 2 without the need to upgrade to SCJP Java 2.
However, my personal opinion, concerning SCWCD is that it is clearly stated that you have to be SCJP Java 2.
Good question.
I think the spec (Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2/EJB 2.0)will be in draft until the release of the J2EE 1.3 specification, which will happen before the end of the year, hopefully.
Does anybody has other ideas? Or knows for sure ;-)
May be I can help ;-)
First, there are only two options available for answer ;-)
Option D is obvious as correct answer
IIOP is connection-oriented unlike HTTP, where communication is performed in request-response model (open connection-send request-receive response-close connection). In IIOP virtual connection is maintained through the session, so there is no need to reestablish it over and over again with every new invokation, so the other correct option is B.
Second, for this question, not being secure means that data is being sent and received without involvement of the encryption, so basically anyone wo can get access to your packets and knows the potocol can access the data items being trnsmitted, unlike SSL for example, where communicaion is encrypted.
Hopefully this will help.
MVC paradigm (architectural pattern) defines the way you partitiion your application. Utility class may be used within any partition, so depending on the functionality that your class is providing it may belong to Model, Viewer or Controller
My understanding is: if an object times out, it is destroyed by the container.
So it really does not matter whether it was in passivated state or not.
The only bean that will timeout is statefull session bean
state "Does not exists and referenced"
"... Attempted invocations on a session object
that does not exist result in java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException...."
see Section 5.6 EJB 1.1. Specification
This is a nice security paper from Sun, covers almost every aspect of java security:
I do not have a single link for internationalization, however if you go to and look for Internationalization keyword, you will find a plenty of usefull links,
just couple of those,
chapter from the book of Monica Pawlan:
Internationalization tutorial:
I personally have to admit that I've missed both of my internationalization questions ;-( This was the only section where I've got 0%. Shame on me.
You should know, I beleive, what internationalization stands for, what it allows you to customize, labels formatting algorithms etc, and which classes packages provides you the means of maintaining internationalization needs, like SimpleDateFormat or java.util.* package.
I also would like to say that both of my questions were vague. So be careful.
Hopefully this will help.
I personally used the one from Sun and the other one posted in this forum at, I also skimmed through old Java Architect Certification available in certification book by Mr. Jaworski. It also contains rarely found information on "What screenscaper is?".
My 2 questions about JMS had "JMS" as an answer ;-)
Keeping this in mind you should be fine with any book just know what JMS stands for.
I think you should be OK for JMS with this book.