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Recent posts by Himanshu Gupta

It is really hard to come with a figure knowing only the number of years worked in IT.. A lot depends upon you skills (not skill set) and the type of leadership you have taken in previous employments.
12 years ago
I am looking for a part time job for fall session.
If you are looking for some developer for part time then please let me know.
12 years ago

if I run 100 user request through Jmeter 1 by 1, then my average response time is 2+ seconds, but if I run 100 concurrent user through Jmeter, then my average response time was around 4 seconds. This makes me worried and confused

When you run one by run do you send the other request just after the first one or you wait to get the results of the previous request?

When you are running 100 concurrent threads you are increasing the load on the server. The request flood comes and server starts handling them. When it is one by one the server gets more time to process the 100 request.
12 years ago
"Is there any reason why you want to introduce Grails into that architecture?"
One of the reasons is that the development is faster in Grails. Grails has lots of plug-ins which can be used directly instead of developing the functionality from the scratch.
12 years ago
I know a girl who chooses her computer by its color. Last time she wanted a White one. lolz.
12 years ago

Faisal syed wrote:Hi,
I use the Arrays.sort() method to sort the aray of Strings.
Then, I use a for loop and compare if the first string is equal to the second.
I get the logic, but I'm getting an array index out of bounds exception.
Please help.
Given a string "y z z x y z";
The desired output is ->"z" occurs 3 times


Try doing it using HashMap if the data you have is not too large.

specific set of technological knowledge necessary for "BOTH" enterprise and web-application platform

Must have skills includes Java, Servlets, ORM, DI, some web UI framework like struts or JSF + HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also some heavily used design patterns like MVC, Delegates etc.

Well I think it has no end. It really depends on the project requirements and your role. The above mentioned skills are needed in almost every projects. The Developer role comes with a hidden clause of learnign something new in every few weeks and to keep on updating yourself.

Best wishes for a good career.

12 years ago
ya right. The difference of the selected items (max-min) should be minimum.
12 years ago
Do it in your spare time. Its only a month. Tell them that you like this project and get your CEO attention. Opportunity never knocks twice.
12 years ago
Did you ask them that what kind of testing work they have? Testing can involve a lot of development work as well.
12 years ago

This says that beer made all the invention.
Video YouTube
12 years ago
Can you write it in some sentences so that it becomes easy to understand that what are you doing. Also did you analyze its time complexity?
12 years ago

Given an N arrays of size K each.. each of these K elements in the N arrays are sorted, each of these N*K elements are unique. Choose a single element from each of the N arrays, from the chosen subset of N elements. Subtract the minimum and maximum element. Now, this difference should be least possible Minimum.. Hope the problem is clear


N=3, K=3

N=1 : 6, 16, 67
N=2 : 11,17,68
N=3 : 10, 15, 100
here if 16, 17, 15 are chosen.. we get the minimum difference as 17-15=2

This is the question someone asked at stackoverflow. I tried to understand its solution but wasnt able to. Seems like I am missing something.

Can someone help me in understanding it.

Suggested Solution:

12 years ago
I think its the same issue. Any idea how to fix issues like this.

Thanks for your valuable reply. It helped.
12 years ago