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salish sathya

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since Aug 20, 2008
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need a job in software

experience 1+ in java,struts 1.2 with mysql and ireport for the report generation
working as a junior programmer in kerala ,kochi

repaly if any @

thanks for you replays
11 years ago
Thanks for your reply,do you know make the installer in install4j i had followed there steps in this

but i am getting error even for a "hello world "console application

please excuse me
Hai friends,
I had developed an application for a video shop in netbeans in which the there were English,Hindi languages video section .If the user choose the english the data means the list of dvd,cd will be loaded on the drop down and the list of customers or a textbox to enter the new customer who want to take the dvd or cd for rent,the appliction was mainly developed on swing,and the data that stores is in the ms acess or in mysql.And there are other features also for the appliction.After the completion of the project the i clean and build the appliction,Then the netbeans create a jar file,But my problem is that how i will give the project to the customer ie the customer is a less knowledge in computer so i had to give this appliction in a setup format so that if he clicked the setup it will install the software with the whole database connection and database ,and if any day he uninstalled the s/w the data that store initially has not be remove from the computer.
I had gone through install4j s/w to make the setup but i not fully success in developing the s/w.Will any body please help me how to do the above thing or any website that form the tutorial to do this.

If mysql is the vendor of my database then if i had to install the mysql server as described in
etc sites or only special sectios has to install

I had gone through the .net platform in that if a datatabse application console application or windows application (CRUD)project had done then the setup creating can be done by a tool in that frame work in that also the database driver is also pointing so after creating the setup then that project on installing with the database driver +database the software(windows or console)appliction is getting to the client how can we do for a java application..

Please help me

Thanks in advance