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Recent posts by isuru chamarasinghe

I faced with the same issue when trying to pass an XML file using org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser.

After goggling for a while came with the below solution.

I downloaded the latest release of and copied the xercesImpl.jar to the ext folder under jre6.

1. In my case I download from URL.

2. Unzipped and copy the xercesImpl.jar file to C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\ext

Please note, this can be accomplished by adding the xercesImpl.jar into your class-path as a dependency as well.
Today I did the IKM J2EE Exam. It was not that difficult rather complex. I have done SCWCD and SCBCD exams but this one is so complicated comparing to both. You find different questions depending on how you perform therefore, can't exactly say what level of questions you will appear.

Considering the exam coverage, it was nothing but theory!! I have more than 5+ years of J2EE/JEE dev. experience but I some parts of the exam questions were never used and we don't want to by-heart API's since we are given rich IDE's that guide us with methods and correct signatures. Wonder why these job recruiting companies don't understand this ??

If you read this thread to get prepare yourself for the test then, following will be helpful:

Be careful when searching for information during the text, since they don't allow you to

select the text nor press ctl key

. (Read the exam preparation tips before starting the exam)

Questions are more towards theoratical so, before googaling skim the question properly.

At least give a try after narrowing the possible answers before skipping the question .

If you skip a question, you will lose credit for all the correct answers that you failed to select. However, if you answer the same question incorrectly, you will still lose credit for the correct answers you failed to select and also lose credit for the incorrect answers you did select.

Following is a list of areas that coverd under the IKM J2EE text. Please note these questions will change but the concept is same therefore, have a clear overall picture about main technologies that are use.

Connectors (JCA)/Enterprise Connectivity
Connecting Methods/Classes to ESI

Web Component Devlopment usig JSP
Common usage of Tags (out, errorPage)

J2EE Transaciotn Managemtn
Usage of 5 Properties (MBD support for transactions)

Properties (Encoding & Decoding features)

Assembly/Packing & Deployment
Contents of EAR/JAR (what are the files)

J2EE Application Architecture Desing & Best Practices
Basic principles (Tire programing)
JDBC best practices (RelultSet, addBatch)

Interfaces & Methods (how to retrieve objects)

EJB development
Deployment roles & responsibilities

Integrating XML with J2EE
Usage of JAXP (XSLT transformational classes)

Web component dev. using Servlets
Methods & implmentation (Service method)

J2EE Security Architecture
Using programmatic security ( methods available in WEB & EJB)

Web Services
Usage of API's, Basic concepts of WSDL

Different providers, features and components

That's all flaks, wish you all the best for the exam & your future interviews !!!

Cheers !!
Finally I was able to find a solution, BUT the solution is still a blackbox. If anyone have the answer to WHY it has failed/successful please update the thread. Till it is solved I will let the thread open.

Solution at a glance :
1. Captured the file contents as a byte arry and wrote it to a xml file in jboss tmp folder using FileOutputStream
2. When posting to the jboss Message queue, I used the explicitly wrote xml file (1st step) using a FileInputStream as a byte array and pass it as the Message body.

Code example:

View: JSP page with a FormFile

Controller Class

Foot Note: I think it is something to do with the Linux/Windows default file saving type. eg: Windows default : ANSI.
11 years ago
Yes it is Jboss Messaging as Jaikiran said but do you think this will have an effect on this Unicode issue ?
11 years ago
No Larsen,

It doesn't work with Jboss MQ.

I bedbug the Message Listener and found out that JBossTextMessage.getText() contains the file data with incorrect Unicode characters.

Any way of specifying the type of the Message before putting it to the Jboss MQ?
11 years ago
Hello Larsen,

I have tired out all those but same result thank you very much for the guidance. Now I have identified the problem is on the server side and not in the view.

I realize that by trying to save the byte array obtain from the File into an xml file in jboss tmp folder and it contains the correct Unicode.

In my scenario the uploaded file is straight away sent to a message queue to be processed by an MDB. So the flow is as follow:

Upload the XML ---> Obtain the byte[] from the file ---> put it on a JMS queue ---> picked by a MDB to process

When the posted Message is cast to a TextMessage and process, the Unicode is been incorrectly converted.

Is there is any specific configuration I have to do in the JMS queue in order to convert it to the correct Unicode?
11 years ago
I include the


attribute to HTTP Connector tag in jbossweb.sar/server.xml and restart the instance. No luck. same result.
11 years ago
Hello Larsen,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I have exposed a jsp to upload a xml file using the post method. I will be obtaining the file as a FormFile using struts in the Action class as follwos:

FormFile file = theForm.getFile();

Secondly, I retrieve the file data as byte array

byte[] buf = file.getFileData();

When I view the result of above buf variable at runtime it is clear that the unicode has been converted to a non recognized character.
11 years ago

I have faced with an issue where UTF-8 characters are not correctly formatted ONLY in the Jboss (jboss-5.1.0.GA-3) instance running on Linux.

For an instance: BORĂ…S is converted to BOR?S at Linux jboss instance.

When I copy and configure the same jboss instance to run at Windows (SP3) it works perfectly.

Also I have change the default setting in Linux by including JAVA_OPTS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 in .bashrc and files.

Any suggestions or workarounds ?
11 years ago
Yesterday, I passed the BCD exam with a score of 95%. Compared to WCD exam this was much easy. Most of the questions were straight forward and less complex.

By the way, I thought of sharing some information for the future test takers:

# Make sure you are familier with the core concepts of : MDB, Transactions, Interceptors, Life-cycle callbacks, difference between Stateless,Stateful and Entity beans.

# Use of DD commenly used tags. eg: <security-role>, <resource-ref>, <env-entry>

# Proper understanding of Transaction management (JTA, Resource_Local), difference between Bean manage and Container managed transaction management.

# Transaction attribute types. All of them and how they behave in various situations

You can download 'Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0' free of charge. Also, I have uploaded some customized notes under following URL. BCD custom notes Hope they will be useful too.
11 years ago
Congratulation, Oliver !!!

Thank you vary much for the information on books. One more thing please, what were the exam simulators you used to mobilize your knowledge and to which level it helped you in the exam?

Kind regards,
11 years ago
Dear JavaRanch members,

I'm planning to do SCMAD exam in next month (Most probably) and these days I'm looking for a good mock exam simulator. I went through the listed exam simulators in JavaRanch and can anybody recommend a good simulator out of followings: (Commercial)

# Enthuware's JMADPlus
# SCMAD exam simulator
# Whizlabs' SCMAD Exam Simulator
# uCertify SCMAD Preparation Kits

Hope to receive an early response,

Kind regards,