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Recent posts by siyabonga khanyile

yah maybe there is...but i think i've searched almost the whole internet now
8 years ago
i was thinking along the same line as well, but i just thought there might be a lib that you can use so that you don't have to go through the message body and check for different content types or disposition. I guess i'l just have to do it that way then. Thanks a mil
8 years ago

I'm getting emails from the exchange server and saving them on the file system as .eml files for later use. is there any way or library that i can use to display the original the files on a Jframe, something like icepdf that takes a pdf file and display it on a Jframe.

8 years ago
Thanks to fellow ranchers for sharing info and helping.

My preparation took about two months.I did HFS2 three times for about 2 months with an average of 2 hrs a day. Also went through the jstl specs as well as Marc Peabody notes. And of course i was always around the ranch to get other peoples understanding on certain matters.

On the mock exams i did HFS1 mock(75%) and HFS2 mock(63%) as well as jdiscuss mocks.

As for now i'm off to get one or two drinks
I was still studying that part as well and i find it a bit tricky.
There are a couple of scenarios that are possible here.

1. If you don't specify any http-method then it means all the methods will be constrained and can only be accessed by people specified in <role-name>
(but again if you didn specify any auth-contraint then the methods will still be accessible to anyone)

2. If you specify any method, say POST, then it means only POST requests will be constrained the rest wil be available. So this means POSTs can only be done by poeple specified in <role-name>, but everyone else can still have access to other methods like GET..

Not sure if I answered your question.
The answer should be 3 and 4...we can use both InputStream getInputStream() and BufferedReader getReader()
Yah you can only disable scripting on DD but it doesnt have to be application level cos you use <url-pattern> to select the sections where you it to be disabled.
I'm not sure but I think 1 and 2 is wrong cos the classic tags do not have a getJspContext() method like Simple tags , but i see they use it there to get PageContext object.
I'm abit confused now as well, cos according to HFS2 pg 508, it say <body-content> tag inside TLD is mandatory, its only optional on tag files.
Can anyone tell me why is the first one wrong cos I think we should be able to access the servlet instance from the _jspService method.
I know different containers react differently to this issue but basically it all has to do with the different buffering mechanism used by <jsp:include> RequestDispacher.include

You can check here for more info: