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Recent posts by Sonali Sabnis

Hi all,

I am trying to embed jasper reports in Pega. One option I am thinking is - to modify the jrxml file and if we export to a jar file, then that way we may include the jar in pega. Not sure though..

Appreciate your thoughts!

9 years ago

Anybody knows about star team plugin for IBM RAD 7.5?

10 years ago
Congrats Justin!!

Great Score
11 years ago

Just missed this part, Can you please provide us the links for those mocks ?

Hi Sagar,

below are the links which can be helpful.

Once you complete the thorough reading of the Head First Book, Go for these tests....Also the mock exam that is covered in the Head First Servlet book is helpful..

All the best!!
11 years ago
Thanks Sagar and Nomula
11 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I cleared the SUN certification for Web Component Developer 5.0 with 100%

I read the Head First Servlets and JSP book 3 times and solved the mock exam covered in the book.
Few mocks tests from net and help from all the Ranchers!!!
Thanks for all those who helped me to clear my doubts

11 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I have created a Web Service in Bea Weblogic. It accepts input as "BookName" and "ISBN" and returns the "Author" and "Price" in response.

I invoked the web service from Flex and I am getting the response which I can see on Weblogic's console. I am able to capture the complete response coming from the web service at Flex side but I want to retrieve the perticular response elements and show them in a text-area in Flex. I have highlighted the part of code to do it but somehow I am not able to get the expected result . Please find the below code snippet and reply.

Appriciate your help.

Code in Flex: (the .mxml file)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""; layout="absolute">
import mx.controls.Text;
<mx:Button id="myButton" x="155" y="85" label="Get Details" width="98" click="serviceID.getBookQuote(text1.text, text2.text)"/>
<mx:TextInput x="110" y="37" width="80" id="text1"/>
<mx:TextInput x="213" y="37" width="82" id="text2"/>
<mx:TextArea x="84" y="140" height="183" id="textOutput" width="256"/>

<mx:WebService id="serviceID" wsdl="http://localhost:7001/BookQuoteService/com/example/BookQuoteService.jws?WSDL=";
service="BookQuoteService" port="BookQuoteServicePort">
<mx: operation name="getBookQuote" resultFormat="e4x" result="handleResult(event)" fault="handleFault(event)">
<mx:request xmlns="">;
</mx: operation>

import mx.controls.Alert

private function handleResult(event:ResultEvent):void{


private function handleFault(event:FaultEvent):void{"Fault:"+event.fault.faultString);


11 years ago
Its not like that Uli...
I was confused thats why I asked you people...

Thanks alot everybody.
Thanks Jesper and Uli,

I checked this link
and it is mentioned there in Product Description Section that
"This exam is designed for candidates with experience in the following areas (typically 5 or more years: Application design: concepts and principles, common architectures, integration and messaging, business-tier technologies, web-tier technologies, Java EE technology, patterns and security" That's why I was confused about the pre-requisite.

Would you please clarify?
Appreciate your help!!

Hello Ranchers,

I want to appear for SCEA exam. I have heard that one needs to have 5 years of work experience for appearing SCEA; is it true?

Appreciate your help!!
By looking at this :

we don't need to declare both HttpSessionBindingListener and HttpSessionActivationListener in DD.

So the answer should be HttpSessionAttributeListner and HttpSessionListner.
correct me if I am wrong.