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Originally posted by nav katoch:
Marius, congrats!!! Did you go through specs thoroughally or not?

Thank you.

No, I did not go through specs. I read in the specs only what was not in the study guide of Mikalai.

For example:

But my advice is to read the specifications exactly as described by Mikalai.

For example, ( I read only few paragraphs) in the persistence specifications I discovered that almost every sentence has a corresponding question in different simulators.
(whizlabs, enthuware, topcerts)

And also to write code to see what happens in every case of: interceptors/transactions/ exceptions/ persistence, etc.

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[ August 25, 2008: Message edited by: Marius Anton ]
I am sorry, I think I didn't post in the correct forum.
For administrators: please help me to move it into the Sun Certification Results forum.

Thank you.
Hello, everybody.

I passed my SCBCD 5 exam today with 91%.

I want to thank you all for your success stories and I admit I couldn�t done without you guidelines.

The fact is that I discovered the correct steps as I progressed into the study.

The books that I studied were as follows :

1. EJB3 In Action ( this is the first book that I read because I was a complete stranger with the EJB technology ) this is an excellent intro book but this is not enough.
The first 13 chapters are important to read and understand.
2.OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th Edition) this is the second book and an excellent one because it is created at an more advanced level and the examples with
The JBoss Workbook were very helpful. In this way I succeeded to create a lot of sample code to implement the theory. My advice to SCBCD 5.0 candidates is to write a lot of code for each chapter and objective of the exam. The first 17 chapters are important to study and understand.

3.Pro EJB 3 Java Persistence API From this book I recommend the chapters 4,5,6,7 and 8

4.And last, but not least, the study guide of Mikalai Zaikin to which I am very grateful because his guides helped me not only for this certification but also for web developer certification.

In this way I studied the specifications only when the study guide didn�t have the describing text for the sub-objective.

Now about the exam simulators:

I am very happy that I used the enthuware product because� well, you will discover by yourself why � The type of questions and the difficulty of enthuware simulators make the real exam a piece of cake . I recommend it and it is very well structured.

I also find the JavaBeat SCBCD 5.0 Mock Exams very helpful for usage after reading each objective chapter from Mikalai�s guide.

Again, thank you very much and good luck to you all.