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Recent posts by Gu Castellano

Jeanne, thank you for reply. Timer service can help me if the condition is a time/date ... but what if its condition is a price or color (my own properties) ?
Hello guys,

I need to schedule some job. When the criteria is met (the client will provide this information, like price or expiration date) I call a method. I searched for @Schedule but I don't think I can change value dynamincally.
Someone can help me ? ** I'm woking on saturday =(
I started to prepare for SCJWSD in the last few days and I got the RMH book - as people here said (as first read). The problem is that the book is too big and in some topics its very tiring. Considering that I dont have any prior experience in Web Services, can I study(and pass in the exam) for SCJWSD and dont read RMH book ? - Reading only MZ study guide(and quiz) , blueprint and Watsh Rajneesh's study notes ?
[ September 17, 2008: Message edited by: Gu Castellano ]
Hey guys ... why don't we study for the SCDJWS 5 ?
Lets create a SCDJWS 5 study group ?

I'm planning to do this exam but I don't really know which book I could read (That covers all topics or most of them). Do anybody have some idea ?
What about the beta exam day ?