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indu yeturu

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Recent posts by indu yeturu

I need to create a login table in oracle for webapplication.
username and passwords are the columns, here the password column should be encrypted.
How to create an encrypted password column in a table ?
11 years ago
thank you for considering... to be in detail...

am using this function to get the elements (which are stored as context attributes) from servlet.
these context attributes are the elements taken from database...

when I populate these values, the dropdown box is populating fine and when I try to Save into database, it is throwing the error as ...

when I alert these values a blank line is appearing for each option which are populating from servlet..>
I already used trim(). It's not whitespaces.. it is a newline..
A newline is adding for each field am getting from database ....

In database the field is --- varchar...

am trying to insert values into database, which contains a foreign key...

am sure, the values are exactly same, because am getting database primary key table values in javascript and inserting them into foreign key table in submit.jsp

When I try to print the values.. it shows a lot of whitespaces. How to get rid of these whitespaces before inserting ??? and is this the reason for that error?

oh!... I got it..... please close this thread..
and when I try like this..

it is not going inside the callback function.. and pop up the alert box as "Not implemented ".
when i put callback() inside add() it simply shows the req.readyState = 1;
and doesn't do anything
Hi all, am trying to get the values for dropdown box from database and this box has to be added dynamically and should load with values.
--- connecting to servlet , fetching values from database and retrieving in javascript --- up to this part is working fine.

But, when I try to append these in callback() it is not recognizing the variables used in add function. In add() am adding some more textboxes dynamically ...

please help me ...
Hi all ,
I need to pass context level parameters in XML format to html through servlet.

please tell me how to get this ...
here in database I need to enter some sets of usernames and passwords. And in table data view, password column should not show the content.

Hi all...

am creating a LOGIN table in oracle with (username,password)columns as single primary key.
In this, we need to encrypt password column. How to do this ?

Thank you ... I will try with JSON...
thank you, thank you Gregg, working fine..
Is this the same way to work with dropdown box ?, in which array of strings has to be populated !!!
Then how to load the text box, actually I have a dropdown box in html,
to be loaded from database (in jsp).
Todo this, I just tried with this small example.
ok, here am trying the populate textbox, whose value has to be populated from jsp,,
Jsp code :::

eventhough , it is not populating ...