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I am selling my SCJP6 Voucher valid in Germany for only 200Euro. You can take it till 30.07.2009 with a retake.
14 years ago
hey! this is really great!!! but please look sometimes in the SCJP forum and don't move complete to the SCWCD forum =)
[ November 28, 2008: Message edited by: Markus Klein ]
15 years ago
you can't use wildcards in class declarations.

perhaps this can help you to understand why wildcards are not allowed in class declarations:
[ November 27, 2008: Message edited by: Markus Klein ]
i think your code is not complete...

> da[1]=d;//object 4

d? what type is d and were have you declare it?
Widening of reference variable depends on inheritance(so, Integer cannot be widened to Long. But, Integer widened to Number)
With generics you can use super ONLY with "?".

Your code have to be something like this: <? super subtype>
No, the exam for Java 1.4 is dead NOT 1.5 or 1.6.
i think 4?

last day to buy a voucher for scjp 1.4 was the 31.10.2008 and last day to take the exam is 30.11.2008.
everytime i run this code the output is "Not Equal" ....
we have to know cloning for scjp?
i don't think there are 500,000 scjp certification. sun searched two or three month ago generally for the 500,000th certification. because of this and many people get first scea then scjp and more later i think there are less than 300,000 scjp certifications in the world. scea? perhaps not more than 50,000!
15 years ago

i also don`t think this is a bad site. sometimes it can take one week befor you get the money from a transaction and why should they send you something without the money?

"As per their claims I was supposed to get the pdf question file within a few hours after I had made the transaction."

i think this is only when you pay with paypal...
"Effective October 31, 2008, if you hold an exam voucher for this certification exam, you have through November 28th, 2008 to take the exam at an authorized Prometric worldwide testing center."

i think this is clear enough: you can only buy a voucher till 31.10 and the last day to take the exam is 28.11.08. when you think you need a retake and your exam`s day is after 31.10 but befor 28.11 then you should buy two... =)