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The VFSJFileChooser team is proud to announce the release of 0.0.4 of its file browser component. VFSJFileChooser is a JFileChooser like, Java Swing component, which allows browsing seamlessly local and remote files(SFTP, FTP, WEBDAV, etc.). The library is distributed under the Apache License.

This release is focused on usability and bug fixes. Among new features, bookmarks encryption has been added as well as i18n support.

- Bookmarks encryption support without loosing existing bookmarks.
- Added VFS URI validator for the bookmarks manager
- Added a VFS URI parser for the bookmarks editor
- Added basic i18n support(English, French, German, Spanish, Sweddish)
- Added accessors for the filechooser properties navigation panel and navigation buttons
- Fix possible NPE when setting a default button text
- Fix other possible NPE when setting custom tooltips
- Lazily initialize the filesystem manager without having to create a file chooser instance.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

VFSJFileChooser Team

Product homepage : http://vfsjfilechooser.sourceforge.net/index.html
Downloads : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=215380
Screenshots : http://vfsjfilechooser.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html
License : Apache
10 years ago
XPontus is out! XPontus is a free Java based XML Editor which aims to provide an alternative to commercial XML IDEs. The application makes intensive use of JPF(http://jpf.sf.net) plugin system.

This release provides couple of bug fixes and usability. The irritating Windows Vista bug has been fixed(invisible tabs). The notable new feature is XPath 2 support.

Here are the major changes for the latest release( of XPontus:

- Couple of bug fixes and refractoring when possible.
- Prevent some obvious race conditions
- XPath2 support
- No more errors when saving preferences
- Windows Vista fixes(invisible tabs and irritating menubar with some gray color after menus)
- Code completion usability and accuracy has been improved
- Replaced find dialog which was eating memory
- Font rendering(antialiasing for document font)
- Improved startup time
- Code indentation fixes UI freezing.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Yves Zoundi
XPontus homepage : http://xpontus.sourceforge.net
Downloads : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=118253
Screenshots : http://xpontus.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html
License : GPL
10 years ago
If you already use JSTL in your JSP pages, there are also tags libraries which could leverage your code.
Replace by . Remove the + there, all together with no space

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Hello Anthony,

Maven doesn't always have what it needs, on your hard drive, to perform some actions. When you install maven, it doesn't even have everything it needs to perform some "basic" tasks. When you run "a maven goal", Maven will look if some required libraries(for it to run) are already downloaded, if not, Maven has to fetch them.
10 years ago
Here are my advices,
* Make sure that you use a popular distro (look at distrowatch.com)
* As mentionned by someone else, try using a Linux distribution that one of your friend use, to get help easily.
* Master google search if you haven't not already. To get good results, you have to type precise questions in the Linux way to do things, not necessarily questions about how you feel the problem is happening. Know more about your hardware, it will help.

Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, etc. are usually a good choice when you begin with Linux. Later, you'll be able to use almost any Linux distribution.
10 years ago
Try using older versions of dom4j or jdom which are jdk 1.4 compatible, to get started easily.
Avoid adding your jars in the JDK lib folder and try to read again the very basic java tutorial from sun. If you don't understand the classpath in Java you'll get nowhere. Have a look at jdom website for any required dependencies.
A better question would be more specific. A question that I have is whether or not you are familiar with ant and have read the selenium documentation.
(removing offensive words)
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It looks to me than the plugin supports "netbeans rcp" applications only.
JSF is a server side Web component based framework and JavaScript is ???. You cannot compare them at all, unless you're thinking in terms of "fat clients", desktop class applications "oh yeah I bet we can do it in Javascript...".
10 years ago
1) For the first code, 1) comparison to zero in a loop is usually faster
2) For the second code, I suspect that 2) will be faster as it doesn't involve any method call.
10 years ago
Hello John,

Add a dummy version to the jar file in the install:install-file goal and refer to your dummy version in your pom.xml
10 years ago
I am not an hibernate expert and I don't use it that often, but I never had your issues with it. You can probably do what you want using all those factories, I personally never had to think about it.

Usually people who use Hibernate don't write "plain SQL" queries. There are many tutorials on the Web about Hibernate and following their approach will probably help you resolve your specific issues faster.
As said by Rob, you'll need to play with the TabbedPaneUI if you want to add extra components to the tabbedpane.

Please kindly think about that proposed solution Melki
10 years ago