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Recent posts by Alberto Dousdebes

I've looking for a while for instructions about how to integrate Struts 1.x with Ayax. Take a look at this (it's in spanish) as a start:

6 years ago

You can call a JavaScript function in "onChange" event. This function retrieves the selected value and call any action you want:

And the javaScript function

Havent tested but it's an idea.

6 years ago
Hello people!

I'm using Struts 1.3 + tomcat 5 + Java 1.4 + Jasper. Recently i was asked to migrate a 9g oracle jsp report and include into my site. The Structure of the report is:

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/lib/reports_tld.jar" prefix="rw" %>
<%@ page language="java" import="*" errorPage="/rwerror.jsp" session="false" %>
<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" %>
<rw:report id="report">
<rw:objects id="objects">

Is there any chance to integrate my usual JSP's and Oracle Report (passing parameters, DataSource.....)???

7 years ago
I'm running on 8080. It seems the problem is heading to https protocol. Because i change the url to:

and works right.

7 years ago
Hi ranchers:

I'm having troubles with struts 1.3, netbeans, tomcat 5: Actions are not executed. When i call any action i get this (in chrome):



Error Message:

this is my web.xml

Any lines about this?

Thanks a lot!

7 years ago

I'm working with NetBeans 6.8 and recently installed the SVN Plug In (Tortoise previously installed on my pc) .

I've done the initial import into repository and everything looks good. But after editing a file and commit, NetBeans (or SVN or both of them ) don't let me edit the file again (the file is marked as read only). In order to edit i'm changing the file properties in windows, unchecking "read only".

I've read the "guided tour to subversion" - but can't found anything about read only modes.

Why the file put itself in read only mode after commit?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi everybody!. Suddenly my faces-config file changes to this. As you can see it's a mess!: curved lines disappeared and now i only have straight lines...

i'm using NetBeans 6.5 and can't find the way to get it ordered.

9 years ago
Hi there! I need to add a declaration to an HTML file in order to get it work with JSF tag <ui:include>.

The declaration is the following:

And my html has the classic structure:

I'ven adding by hand the declaration, but the proccess needs to be automatic. The final result should be:

Anyone knows how to start??

Thanks a lot!!!
[ December 23, 2008: Message edited by: Alberto Dousdebes ]
9 years ago
Hi! i have a table with a composite Id. The mappging is:

The api documentation says:
load(Class theClass, Serializable id)
Return the persistent instance of the given entity class with the given identifier, assuming that the instance exists.

The question is how can i get and object using the load method.???����??? (keep in mind that my object has a composite identifier).

Thanks a lot!!
it's work replacing this line:

for this one:

9 years ago
U can use a navigation case. In faces-config define a new one.

page 1 <------- "back" ------------ page 2

9 years ago
hi! i'm very new using Facelets and JSF. I'm facing a problem.

When i click submit button in a determined page it lost style.

Page 1:

Page 1 (after click in the submit button).

The template code is:

The page 1 code is:

Anyone knows what's wrong?.

9 years ago
found the problem!!!

should be

Hi!!. I'm a begginner with Hibernate and i'm having a little trouble :S. Running my program i've got the exeption.

This is my class Precio.class.

This is my mapping file PreciosV2.hbm

And i'm trying to use from the class ManejadorPrecio.class

And i've got the output:

Anyone has any idea? i'm totally stuck!

Thanks a lot in advance!